Reaktor blocks


Thank you! Let me know if you run into any bugs.

I’ve had a lot of positive reports from people using Euro Reakt solely as their modular’s sequencing backbone (combined with an ES-3/6 combo or ES-8). The next planned update will focus on microsound, but I’d like to tackle more sequencing soon.


I am so, so hungry for a 16-step sequencer block that lets me throw Live out the window. (Well, okay, not out the window. I would only cheat by using all its parts in Max anyway.)


Option #1: Matthew Friedrichs has an awesome, multi-parameter 16-step sequencer Block in this collection:

Option #2: Use these two together:

Option #3: Build a Franken-sequencer using my Voltage Storage Block:

Option #4: This is essentially two of the Bento Box sequencers:

Here are all Blocks tagged “sequencer”:

The Memplane by Colugo is a great option for automation:

If you just want gates for drums, I use this one a bunch:


After seeing my friend play with Reaktor the other day I decided to pick up a copy. I really like how the blocks are pretty high level musical things. I found myself wasting a lot of time in Max, even with BEAP. I was able to jump right in with Blocks… then mapping stuff to a LaunchControl XL is pretty nice too :slight_smile:


I’ve been seriously thinking about getting reaktor - how is reaktor in the monome world? I not really a fan of max though I find it petty easy to grasp…


Alright, I have a question. I’m a total Reaktor n00b, so bear with me… How do I patch feedback with blocks? For example I’m using the CFG and would like the output of one channel to modulate another. However it won’t let me connect an output to the input of the same block.


I would use a VCA or mixer.


Yeah, mixer or VCA is the best option. I have a dedicated Feedback Block in my Euro Reakt collection. The idea is that it has four simple passthroughs, so no real DSP overhead. You can optionally add an extra sample of delay to the feedback path from the front panel.


The trouble we keep running into with monome devices is that Reaktor’s OSC implementation can only send and receive a very narrow subset of what the full protocol supports, and grids and arcs rely on that full protocol. I almost wrote a sort of bridge at one point to translate broader button-lighting messages for the grid, but the amount of work it’d take to translate that into Blocks effectively put me off. If it ain’t elegant, it ain’t what we want.

But to the degree that the “monome world” now means Eurorack, Reaktor’s integration is best of class. Once my ES-8 arrives I’ll be pushing CV to Mangrove and Three Sisters via Reaktor almost exclusively.


So the rule in Reaktor is that you can have feedback as long as it goes through another node first?


It’s a little silly and artificial, eh? But yes, that’s right.


having a vca in a feedback chain never hurt :wink:


Definitely true! Is there a way to hide the interface from the panels layout?


You can hide any block in the ensemble by selecting it in the structure, hitting F5 for Properties, going to the View tab and unchecking “On” in the Visible section.


Euro Reakt 4.2 went up last night! This update focused on sequencing:


I’ve also updated the dissertation to reflect the required formatting.

Dang, dude, they gave you the doctorate already, is that even allowed? :slight_smile:

Looking forward to setting up some erratic feedback loops with the Accumulator! DO THE LOGICS TO IT


Hah! I officially graduated like two weeks ago. Before they would publish the dissertation, they needed all sorts of minor updates (page number height! margins! sadness!). It’s a lot cleaner now, though, and about 60 pages thinner because of the expanded margins. I figured that I might as well post the updated version.

Yeah, the Accumulator is a lot of fun. I was looking at the Eardrill “module modules” and spotted the “V.Accum”. It was something I hadn’t really seen before in a modular, so I tried to implement something similar. Try using the Rotator to hit its inputs :slight_smile:


This thread is pretty interesting. Does Reaktor work the same in plugin mode as in stand alone mode? Meaning - if I run Reaktor inside my DAW, can I still access all the ins / outs necessary to interact with my modular? I just added an ES-8 to my rack, but have only used Bitwig 2 to chat with it. I’m new to this hybrid world, its super exciting though!


I have yet to get my ES-8 so I am just spitballing here, but once you get out of a Blocks ensemble to do modular things via some outputs, they’re just audio outputs… I’m not sure whether Reaktor in VST mode can use outputs other than the ones that go right back to the host. But if you wire the host up right, presumably it could take over the work of routing the outputs where they need to go. It might take some wacky Live-set organization but I don’t see any dealstoppers.


The one caveat to running Reaktor within Live is that Live routes all MIDI through a single channel per track. Not possible to use plugins in live with multiple midi channels. Kinda sucks for MPE instruments. No restrictions on multi-channel audio though, and this multi-channel MIDI restriction is unique to Live, AFAICT.