Reaktor blocks


You can still route midi on different channels to a single plugin in ableton live, it just requires a whole lot of workaround routing. Basically, you create a midi track for each midi-channel, set it up so that it only takes input from that one channel and sends its output directly to the input corresponding to the channel of the plugin (e.g. reaktor). It’s terrible if you want to record midi, because you have to arm all tracks at the same time and then get a midi clip for each channel, but it does work. And if you’re fine with just recording your performance in audio, it’s actually kind of usable if you set it up as a template.


for those who want to dive in… selling my reaktor license (again). usd 100 via paypal. fees on your side.


hey @wooer , I’m interested in your reaktor. i sent you a pm.


Anyone else played with the Kodiak blocks yet? I’m trying to sort out how to use Curve Sequencer and Flip Gen for percussion sounds and it may be a fool’s errand. Probably the West Coast CMG is a better bet.

(They missed a trick when they didn’t call it Flip Mod IMO. It’s the most Busta Rhymes oscillator they’ve yet made)


I didn’t know they were available yet. Where can you get them? I don’t see them in the user library


They’re releasing via Native Access this time, which it turns out is not the same as the ServiceCenter app that gets installed when you get R6. So you may need to get that first.


Ah, I assume it’s in the 1.3.0 blocks update then?


it is the 1.3.0 blocks update! :slight_smile:


Of course… brain fart on my part :slight_smile:

Well, maybe once this 40GB of Komplete samples finishes downloading I’ll be able to try it…


Oh my goodness but the Curve Sequencer and Euro Reakt Drum are made for each other:

  1. in Curve, do a lane for kick and a lane for hats/snare, any pattern you like, this part you probly guessed
  2. connect the same gate source to both the Curve and the Drum
  3. connect the lanes of the Curve to mods A & B on the Drum
  4. turn off pitch tracking on the Drum, and modulate osc pitch, osc decay, and cutoff (all positively, to taste) with A
  5. modulate crossfade strongly positive with B, and maybe hit cutoff with it a little if you want
  6. turn on clock
  7. dance your face off

You will likely need to echo your snare hits with a less emphatic kick hit. Experiment with curve shapes to get bleeps and surprises. The Drum is so great. Also remember you can unclick the gray step numbers in Curve to make some steps impervious to randomness, and then…


This is really useful! Didn’t notice it till now. I’ve been working on some mega patches with Blocks lately, it’s great fun. The new Kodiak stuff is really powerful as a heart of a sequencer, and the west coast blocks just sound great.


I’m loving the new Kodiak blocks. Thanks for the info, can’t wait to try this!


Reaktor 6 is $99 during some Thanksgiving thing that NI has started having already.

BUY IT YOU DWEEBS um. I mean. I love you and want you to be happy


Just got reaktor really want to control these voices with ansible/kria… Whats the best option? I dont think expert sleepers modules will fit inside my frap tools case :persevere:


If it helps, I have an FH-1 and a Disting mk3 and they perfectly fit in my Frap Tools Plus case.


Thanks good to know… Any idea which ones are needed to send cv to blocks?


Probably ES-3 or ES-8 but I never tried them, I’m sorry.


Thanks man ill look inot them


Someone locally selling a Motu 828 MKii would this work to send cv in to blocks?


I don’t think so. Not aware of any audio interfaces that have DC coupled inputs. Which is what you’d need to send CV into a computer.

ES8 (or ES3/6 combination - you need the ES3 for the ES6 to work) would be the easiest option probably.