Real Time (sorta) Midi Looping

After months of looking around for a hardware solution I’ve given up for now and started nosing around M4L options. I just started playing with Loopo -

It seems to do what it promises. I made a very simple experiment with the demo just now. The first loop was played without any metronome or chosen tempo. It then told Ableton the tempo was 141. Second loop played in similar fashion in Slave (to the first loop) mode, so it looks like the end of the loop is quantized… not 100% sure on this yet.

Prior to this experiment I’d been fooling with midi drums played by Ableton, vs midi drums played by modular clocked from Ableton and found that a -50ms offset was all that was needed in Ableton preferences. So just for fun I opened that channel when these loops were playing. If i didn’t record this then I’d lose it as it’s a demo, so I did. It’s much longer than it needed to be to show the idea, apologies for that.

Anyone else using Loopo or similar M4L solutions?

Korg Odyssey, Nord Lead and AcidLab Drumatix, BTW.

More interesting methinks - real time > Loopo, then add more in Live based on tempo defined by initial loop. For me this infinitely preferable to finding a patch, like the one I was enjoying playing here, and then having to find a tempo for it before I can start recording… with loopo I played first loop in real time (tempo is set by Nord Lead patch LFO) and then Live tempo is set automatically…