a kinetic sequencer for norns


norns 2.0


rebound is a kinetic sequencer. Spawn orbs that bounce endlessly from left to right, top to bottom, and back again. Each orb has its own velocity, direction, and note value. These values may be adjusted individually or as a group. When an orb hits the top or bottom its note plays. When an orb hits the left or right its note plays an octave down or up, respectively.

Notes are quantised to the current scale and tempo, both of which may be set through the parameters menu. rebound will send midi notes, should a midi output device be attached, and may also slave to an external clock, should one be present.


Gratitude :heart:

Thank you to @okyeron for updating this code to norns 2.0, and to the norns contributors for creating this great platform.

A request :purple_heart:

It would be awesome if people who have used rebound before could post some videos of it to this thread.


So glad to see this one come back around! Thanks @enneff and @okyeron!


Yay rebound!

One of my favorite pieces of music I’ve ever made was rebound into a series of delays and filters after norns. which I think all of that stuff could be done with softcut now!




Thanks a loooot @enneff + @okyeron to bring back this sequencer! :black_heart::black_heart::bat:
I’m going to post a video soon, ciao!

glad to see rebound back

Heres a repost of v1


That is marvelous!!!

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20 chars Excellent!!


Ahhh yes glad it’s back. Hopefully someone will update the karplus rebound version too

I saw this today and it reminded me a little of rebound.
I wish rebound could have some Timber in there so I can load piano or instrument samples.


Forgive me for my potentially dumb question (I don’t have Norns yet so there’s many things I don’t know yet), but why can’t you use Timber with Rebound? And what is the sound engine that Rebound is using then?

in general, a script specifies the engine it expects to control, and changing the engine requires editing the script. this script uses the PolyPerc engine. changing it is pretty simple but different engines do different things and have different interfaces.

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@zebra, to make rebound compatible with multiple engines, would the best approach to be multiple scripts named by engine? eg rebound/polyperc, rebound/timber, etc?

that’s how users modded them pre 2.0

seems reasonable, but i have no strong opinions about this

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love this script. used a good bit in my episode of datacultaudio podcast today.


Does this latest version send midi out? I used to be able to via my M-Audio Uno before doing a fresh install from 181101 to 190801 but its no longer working.

Did you check to see which midi “slot” your interface is in under SYSTEM>DEVICES>MIDI?

Rebound should be sending midi to the device in slot #1 (by default)

Yes-midi device is connected to slot 1

(am bit tired so not sure why it’s not throwing an error otherwise, but…)

change line 246 to
m:send({type='note_on', note=n})
(that’s a colon instead of a dot)
and it works

(change line 239 as well for note_off)

Submitted a PR to fix


Thank you, it’s working now