I put out a single that uses Rebound and just wanted to say thanks, it’s fantastic. @enneff

It comes in for the last chorus/outro at 2:50.


Having a good time with Rebound. Thanks for the script!


guys, where can I find the rebound script to download…?

Still one of my favorite scripts…Finally got around to making a little video of a session snippet with rebound as the main sound source, plus tunnels script and some reverb.


One of my go-to sequencing apps as well. I have a re-occurring idea for Rebound which may produce interesting results…or might be perfectly dreadful: It is adding the possibility of randomly occurring walls which interject brief, repeated sequences from balls becoming temporarily trapped in a confined area. The single control of these walls might be a degree of randomness (ie 0-100) in the preferences page, with the walls appearing for several seconds in a zone before disappearing.

Throwing this concept out there to those with the necessary programming chops :wink:

Rebound 2


heh… see also : Pong


One can’t avoid a tangential connection to Pong with Rebound (I am a 70’s child), but what I am proposing is also a different animal.

Actually, I could see what you’re composing being a NewGrounds flash game by QWOP designer Bennett Foddy. If anything this would be such a bonkers and fun twist on the original!

Sure sure… but my point is the mechanics (and code) of a “wall” and its intersection with a bouncing ball might be inferred from the Pong code

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What I think/hope these temporary, fleeting barriers will create is unexpected, trill-like ornamental moments in the composition. Difficult to know without actually implementing the concept into a live app, but that’s what my imagination tells me.

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awesome idea!

it would be neat if you could also have the option to place objects.

like some geometric shapes or some blocks that would create a playfield of sorts like on an Atari 2600.


Sooooooooo, who wants a slot in Matt’s Hall of Fame? All it’ll cost is crow 1+2 out in rebound. :grimacing:

Edit: also, while I’m here, has rebound been updated to work with the new norns clock? Seemed like the clock devision wasn’t doing anything last night, but, also, it was late…

what would you like them to do? just pitch and gate?

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Honestly, Just pitch from Out 1 and Gates from Out2 would be super cool.

My use case here involves triggering slices on the Er-301*, but it would also be fun to sequence an oscillator with rebound.

*I know, I know, I should do it over i2c. I have a rev7 301, and haven’t shorted that diode on the back yet. All in good time :grin:

This kind of thing is usually very simple to add to any existing script. If you scroll all the way to the bottom of rebound in the maiden editor, you can see that there is a play_notes function which sends notes out in various ways:

    m:send({type='note_on', note=n})
    if params:get("ii") == 2 then
      crow.ii.jf.play_note((n - 60) / 12, 5)

You could add crow CV / trigger output here:

crow.output[1].volts = (n - 60) / 12
crow.output[2](pulse(0.02, 5))

If you want gate output instead of a 20ms trigger, you could modify this to just set crow.output[2].volts = 5 here (at the spot where the midi note_on is sent) and also modify the spot a few lines up where midi note_off is sent to set crow.output[2].volts = 0. This general pattern should be possible to adapt to pretty much any other script you come across that is sending midi note on/off messages.

To me this is a massive strength of Norns: the ability to tweak a script to do what you want like this, even making temporary changes to suit a particular patch or get the behavior you want, rather than thinking of any given change to a script as a permanent feature. Maybe tomorrow you want to use an AD envelope instead of a square pulse, or send x and y position of the selected ball out of crow as voltage outputs, or pretty much anything you can imagine the script doing – lots of interesting possibilities are achievable with only very small modifications to scripts.

It would seem so, yes:


Thank you for this response. I knew there’d be a time that I would need to slow down and complete the studies. Seems like scratching my own itch here is the best reason to do so. Everything you’re saying makes sense, I just don’t know enough about Lua syntax to implement the code in a way that will (likely) work.

But I will dig in and, if I’m successful, also learn how to file a pull request. :+1:


dive in! and feel free to ask questions :slight_smile: norns is a wonderful platform for collaboration!


I’m bad at this stuff and just added CV/JF combo output mode to Awake this week. Im sure you’ll find your way, especially with the folks of this forum at your back. And once you make a change, it’s addictive! I’m now thinking of ways to play with this and Foulplay


@csboling @Justmat @kasselvania

Totally worked! Next on my list will be actually unquantizing the note events. Thank you all for your help! Will have more questions soon.


awesome! would love to see this as a feature in the main script

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