dive in! and feel free to ask questions :slight_smile: norns is a wonderful platform for collaboration!


I’m bad at this stuff and just added CV/JF combo output mode to Awake this week. Im sure you’ll find your way, especially with the folks of this forum at your back. And once you make a change, it’s addictive! I’m now thinking of ways to play with this and Foulplay


@csboling @Justmat @kasselvania

Totally worked! Next on my list will be actually unquantizing the note events. Thank you all for your help! Will have more questions soon.


awesome! would love to see this as a feature in the main script

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So, I’ve been playing around with Rebound a little and I’m having some issues with the Midi_off function, basically in that even if the note is off, there is a single note that hangs. So, in essence, the first triggered note never turns off, and the subsequent notes have short hits.

Any thoughts on how to fix this in the code (I actually found this while digging around in the code to practice Lua)

Hello, thanks for your awesome Script! One Question about the Midi routing. Is it possible, to send midi to more than Channel 1 at same time? Or is it possible to change midi channel? Thanks

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Matt, would you mind sharing your changes to support crow? I’d like to incorporate these into the main script.

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It is indeed possible to send midi to different channels, or multiple channels.

Take a look at the play notes function. It has a couple of function calls like this:

m:send({type=..., note=...})

(The ellipises are different things in each call, for note on and note off.)

If you update those lines to say something like

m:send({type=..., note=..., channel=X})

it should send the notes to channel X (change to suit whatever channel you want).

Let me know if this works or doesn’t work for you! <3

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I don’t see an obvious cause for this. Are you able to reproduce it reliably? If it’s still a problem for you I can dig into it and see what I can find.

You bet! I just dm’ed you. Be warned- I know just enough to be dangerous. I walked away as soon as it worked, so it’s extremely likely that there’s some cleanup needed.

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hi, thanks for your help.
so it is possible to change “m:send({type=‘note_on’, note=n})” this part to send different notes to different midi channel?

for example, i want to trigger the model:samples on channel 10-16 to get some cool sequenced beats

Sure, just a bit of simple programming. It’s not something I’d want to put into the script because it seems pretty specific to your use case. Have you done any norns programming before? The stuff covered in the introductory materials should teach you enough to make this kind of change.

thank you sir for your answer. i dont think i can programm that, but its ok. with ur instruction i can change the midi channel for the whole thing. thanks!

Some Rebound action visible here

Amaze-balls! Just when I thought Rebound couldn’t get better…

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Love this script!

Is it possible to make it monophonic—i.e., only one sound at a time even if multiple orbs hit at the same time?

Why did I get rid of my Norns, Sad

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are you using the internal synth or external gear? If using external gear and midi this should be possible on the back end synth side. I believe mono midi is first come first serve in terms of note/gate output.

Edit: that may not be the case and or only options midi options now that I think of it. Hexinverter mutant brain gave a few different options. Like setting priority in terms of output in the event of a “tie” highest or lowest, Last notes, cycle notes.

Great script, it was effortless to dial in something that was both familiar yet a departure from what I normally compose/bash together with string and hammer. Norns has been an enormously satisfying experience for me thanks to scripts like this one, thanks for that.

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Just want to say I liked your script so much that I made my own version for the organelle. Hope you don’t mind- and thanks for making it, such a cool idea :slight_smile: