Recommend a good USB scope for analogue + digital audio?

I’m shopping for a usb oscilloscope dongle - it occured to me some folks on here may already know of a good option…

My wishlist is:

  1. 2 analogue channels with reasonable SNR that go at least as high as my clapped-out ears (shouldn’t be too much to ask!)
  2. digital/logic-analyser with enough bandwidth side to work with, e.g i2s bus at 44.1kHz (preferably high bit-rate also)
  3. has to work natively on linux
  4. access to all source code for the drivers if at all possible (preferably also open firmware though I doubt this is realistic)
  5. under 300 USD
  6. compatible with probes capable of measuring > 400V in valve amp would great, but not totally necessary

Kind of wondering whether rejecting non-free software in this case means just not buying a scope! The obvious options I found trawling online are:
and pretty sure I understand correctly either of these options require installing a binary blob or two, with no guarantee it will actually work on arch linux…

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