Recommend a quality webcam for MacOS?

I need a webcam that can work well in both low and high lighting. The one I currently have blurs and distorts color.

Camera needs to be USB and can be plugged directly into my Mac for recording into Screenflow or another video app.

Can anyone recommend? Thanks.

Speaking as someone that had a hand in getting 100+ employees set up to work remotely in pretty rapid fashion, good luck buying a webcam right now.

That said, if you need something that’ll work well in low light, the small sensor on a webcam may not cut it. For those situations, we ended up getting an HDMI-to-USB adapter (for ~ $30) and using an older Handycam or DSLR… far superior low-light performance, though it’s only cost-effective if you have the camera already. Deployed about a dozen of these, though, and all work great.

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How low light are we talking? Most cameras are going to struggle in that department. Add lighting and having a perceived darkness. Also yeah any quality web cams are back ordered and being bought out and eBayed for $$

I’m more concerned about improving the blurriness that my current camera has. Lights on gear are blurry or produce halos. not good for instructional/tutorial vids.

haven’t tried it yet, but this lets you use an iOS thingy with OBS via a wired connection:

if anyone has tried it, how’d it go?


what camera are you currently using? is usually my starting point for research on such things. Get a feel for what and why they recommend tech items, then run it by what’s local.

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Just a random webcam I bought thru Amazon…

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I have, it’s excellent


Thanks, that’s great to hear! An iphone/smartphone camera will be a big improvement for me for $15.

Installed OBS on Mac and iPhone. Really works well. Need to make sure both the app and the plugin are installed on the Mac. Also, change the default saved file type from .mlv to .mp4 )or whatever you choose). Also, recording in landscape mode seems a better option.

Thanks for the heads up!! This may have solved my problem.