Recommend me pocket synth

Looking for a mini pocket synth for playing about with on my commute. Not sure what’s about apart from TE pocket operators, or bastl instruments trinity series. Anything else I should be looking at?

Volcas? Pocket Piano?

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There’s a lot of interesting synths for iphone. My personal favorites are Minimapper and Mitosynth.

people sometimes also talk about the korg programs for nintendo DS… i personally love electroplankton by tosio iwai for that platform!

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New Organelle maybe?

Or a Shnth.


op-1 is a lot of fun and really compelling. i enjoy korg gadget & samplr on ipad as well. havent tried a lot of the others mentioned

Not much will give you the quirky mini-workstation vibes of the op1, other than perhaps an iPad and a butt load of apps.

I really love a game boy with LSDJ loaded up. Hours of creativity! I also take my mpc500 on long train journeys with me. Not a synth though…

I used to arrange entire tracks on a roland PMA-5

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