Recommend me some amazing Graphic Novels


I am obsessed with East of West. Super epic apocalyptic Gods vs. Cyborgs vs. Shamans. I re-read it regularly.

Already mentioned but Manhattan Projects is really funny, even with a cursory knowledge of the historical characters involved.

If you are into young-adult/coming-of-age stuff, Freakangels deals with some heavy stuff but also gets Super Natural in the vein of X-Men. Takes place in flooded London too!

Here is an Amazon list, but please consider patronizing your local comic book store. If you live in the Bay Area, Isotope is the best place on earth. James is a hero and can always recommend you a stack of at least 50 titles.


as i’m watching ‘stranger things’ i remember Domu, a very good story by Katsuhiro Otomo


I would strongly recommend Daytripper by Fabio Moon & Gabriel Ba, interesting premise and gorgeous artwork.

If you’re enjoying WIcked & Divine/Saga then I would check out other Image comics titles like sex criminals, Papergirls and Descender.


+1 for Daytripper and Sex Crimz

Not my favorite “style” of graphic novel, but both great in their own right and certainly would appeal to many.


Oh boy, great topic!

I will reiterate
The Wicked + The Divine

I really enjoyed

The Massive

An interesting random pull from the library (another Image comic) for me was Southern Cross, a space mystery thing reminiscent of Alien/Event Horizon.

I know it’s kind of mainstream, but I loved the David Aja/Matt Fraction run on Hawkeye. 4 volumes of awesome.


my friend just lent me Monstress. only a couple pages in but looks really good. powerful women!!


I just bought Monstress last week but my partner currently has it! Hope to get to it soon, she said it was amazing.


some great recommendations so far, thought I might add in some gems that have stayed with me and are well worth seeking out. Just keep them away from the kids!

Strange Embrace

This is something special, I don’t normally go in for anything which so neatly fits into genre, but this is A grade gothic horror with heaps of twists and turns.


Fascinating (and unsettling) work from Dave Cooper, collecting the narrative story from his Weasel series: wannabe artist takes on young woman to model some BDSM inspired photoshoot, and things get pretty weird from there. Preface by Cronenberg should put you in the zone.

Misery Loves Comedy

The misanthropic and endlessly depressing fantasies and autobiography of Ivan Brunetti. I’m slightly conflicted about recommending this, it is simultaneously one of the funniest things I have ever read and certainly the most messed up. I live in fear my child or wife will open it and seriously reassess their opinion of me.

A Small Killing

Don’t hear much talk about this one, which is surprising given it is Alan Moore. And probably my favourite of his work (unless Big Numbers ever gets finished lol lol lol), a stand alone story of an advertising designer losing touch with reality and his past. Great art. Great everything.

As far as new stuff goes, Adrian Tomine’s (Killing and Dying?) and Daniel Clowe’s (Patience) were both great reads, and I’d love to get my hands on the new Brecht Evens.


ha - dunno if this belongs in here really - maybe more at home in GAS thread but still a few of these had me (and my significant other) howling:


Not really a graphic novel person, but I finally took the plunge and ordered the Moebius’ “World of Edena” book. Hoping it’s a nice introduction. The Jodorowsky’s Dune was my first introduction a few years back and I have never really made the commitment, but my reading energy is low and I think the art might be cool and just sort of offer an alternative type of reading style to reinvigorate me. Worth a shot mixing it up while I’m not in a more traditional reading zone at least :slight_smile:


Not new, but my favorites are:

The Invisibles
Rat Queens

But my all-time favorite is The Sandman.


I’m reading Sandman, East of West, Trees and Saga right now. I’d recommend all of them


I’ve been reading Sabrina by Nick Drnaso. I’m only about half way through. I’ll reserve judgment until I’ve finished but I’ve been enjoying it so far. “Enjoying it” paints the wrong picture (draws the wrong panel?) as it’s quite unpleasant. But despite that - the art style and writing has an effect on me. Sometimes I read a book or watch a film and I find it somehow quietens everything else. It’s not immersion - I’m not lost in it - it just puts you in a fuzz. Antonioni films do this for me. And the end of the Great Gatsby. And Iain Banks’ Crow Road. Calvin and Hobbes, sometimes! It might be less the book/film and more the time/place that I read it.

This page reminds me of a Calvin and Hobbes story I love though the effect couldn’t be more different!


I got my boys (11 and 17) Paper Girls last Christmas, and everyone in the family loved it so much we ended up getting all the books and the most recent book 5 for Christmas this year. It was billed as being like stranger things with girl instead of boys, and my wife and i were looking for something with with strong female leads.



I just finished — in about a week — reading 8 volumes of Amulet with my eldest daughter (almost 7). It was fun!


It’s not particularly obscure but Understanding Comics is essential.

I also enjoyed McCloud’s The Sculptor though it suffered from Manic Pixie Dream girl a bit.


It rarely gets mentioned but I’m going to make some time to reread Elephantmen it has been a few years, but I seriously loved it.

After watching Into The Spider-verse (which is FYI ridiculously good and fun) I’ve had my childhood love of Spidey reignited, so I’m going to do a deep dive on classic stuff and the latest two spider-events.

I will always recommend Brandon Graham’s re-imagined Prophet…oh also Chew is heaps of fun, and Invincible too.


A Contract with God is one of my favorites. Published in 1978 it’s considered by some to be ‘the first graphic novel’, it comprises 4 stories set in a Depression Era Jewish tenement building. Eisner’s storytelling and pen work is really great, it’s definitely worth checking out by its own merit and not just for its historical significance.


  • Y The Last Man is a great series.
  • Scott McCloud’s books on comics and The Sculptor.
  • Alan Moore’s work is usually good, particularly From Hell and Lost Girls.
  • Ed Piskor’s books are good too, especially WYSIWYG and Hiphop Family Tree.
  • Recently finished Tonoharu, which is a different kinda reflection.
  • Also really like Alice In Sunderland, The Lovely Horrible Stuff, Homeland Directive, The King, That Salty Air, Gingerbread Girl and Level Up.


saw this thread pop up, thought about Charles Burns, saw it wasn’t mentionned here.
So, i’d recommend the works of Charles Burns that i have read: Black Hole, and the X’ed out trilogy. I’m not well versed in american graphic novels, so i don’t really know where it fits in terms of genre/schools/etc but i’d say it gives the reader this kind of “typical” post-utopian-the-classic-70s-capitalist-norms-are-crumbling-into-psychosis feeling that i very much like to encounter in US writers’ work.