Recommend me some amazing Graphic Novels


I didn’t really get into this book. Read it on holiday late last year, really dark, great story telling, amazingly consistent and original art concepts and colouring… but… it’s a graphic novel… isn’t something of some visual interest supposed to happen at some time?

This Christmas I got up-to-date with WicDiv… which I guess, from a visual standpoint is much more the kind of thing I’m into:


This thread inspired me to go ahead and order the few graphic novels I put on my list based on great reviews:

Moth & Whisper
Mech Cadet Yu
Tales From the Age of the Cobra


I’m really enjoying the art style and writing. A shocking story juxtaposed with flat/numbing art and writing.

I’d actually be really interested in seeing this style applied to characters just going about their daily lives facing normal challenges as opposed to being subjected to a shocking and extraordinary event. So this would be a flat story with a flat art style. I’m seeking a broad and general flatness, it would appear.

I get what you mean though - graphic novels are a great opportunity to explore the fantastic rather than the mundane!


Re: Moebius & Jodorowsky. One and all must check out THE INCAL. Ultimate classic!

Also, the SHAOLIN COWBOY series by Geoff Darrow is amazing. Darrow is our greatest comic artist of the age.

Also, Shintaro Kago’s DEMENTIA 21 is demented and excellent.

Lastly, I 2nd the recos for Descender + Low from Image. Really good comic series.


I liked this one about glenn gould:


and just started the Berlin trilogy by Jason Lutes, it’s great so far!


Oh I almost forgot. I’ve been reading Providence too! If you are into HP Lovecraft you might like this one


Love & Rockets is completely essential.



I was reminded that Akira (the movie) takes place in 2019 and decided that was enough incentive to pick up the book again and give it another shot. I have had the first couple of books since I worked at a used media store a decade ago and never got around to really digging in.
First couple of thoughts:

  • the manga takes place in 2030?! super curious why they changed that for the film adaptation.
  • the illustration is absolutely gorgeous. the film is one of the most aesthetically pleasing/interesting works in my mind so the prospect of several thousand pages of similar drawings is really exciting. i need to do some research to see if it exists entirely in color… maybe the anniversary box set?


Ooh, good call! I should pick that up, definitely a classic movie, but never bothered checking out the manga. I’m most curious suddenly what differences there are and what depth didn’t make it into the movie and finally, why the hell haven’t I ever thought to read it before! (Other than that I’m not really a comic book person)


Amazon has the collector edition back in stock for now. i tried ordering it a while back but the initial run was sold out. i think it’s cheaper than it was originally though (msrp was $200, right now its $94). I went ahead and ordered that, you are welcome to the paperback copies of the first two books i have (and to borrow the hardbacks when i’m done with them :D)


I really dug East of West as well


I may go ahead and buy the box. Student gift cards :slight_smile:


the manga is phenomenal, but one of the things I adore about it is the black-and-white. Some of the volumes are staggeringly gorgeous.


I’ll second the recommendation for The Incal. Other Franco-Belgian works available in English and worth checking out are Enki Bilal’s Nikopol Trilogy and Denis Bajram’s Universal War One, which is one of the best science fiction stories I’ve ever read.


oh nice, I just finished this. Good ish!


Stopped into this thread to make sure Saga was mentioned. It’s legitimately one of my favorite works of fiction ever, bar none. I’m a happy camper everytime one of the trades is released.

If you, reader, whoever you are, hasn’t read Saga, I implore you to pick up Vol 1. If you, like me, love frame one/line one, you’ll only love it more from there.


I haven’t read any graphic novels for quite some time, but this thread has made want to again.

Looking back my favorites used to be:
The smartest kid on earth by Jimmy Corrigan
Poor sailor by Sam Harkham
Maus by Art Spiegelman
Ed the happy clown by Christer Brown

And earlier than that: every Donald Duck made by Carl Barks.

I have to dig into this world again.


Just to precise : Jimmy Corrigan IS the name of “the smartest Kid on earth” so the book is : “Jimmy Corrigan : The Smartest Kid on Earth” by Chris Ware. Just so I could add, all acme novelty library books by Chris Ware are incredible and his entire work is worth reading / exploring.


Yes of course… totally forgot about that :blush: