Recommendations for small 3U eurorack case needed

I’ve spent a while today to find a 3U case (don’t want a 4U incl. a 1U strip) with 42-48hp in size with the following attributes:

  • depth of about 55mm for modules
  • decent power supply built in (not necessarily super powerful but free of issues like noise)
  • pleasant looking (love me some wood)
  • small footprint

it doesn’t seen that there’s a lot out there. the cell48 is not deep enough and i seem to remember issues with the power supply. frap tools is to shallow. moog is bigger and doesn’t come with a power supply.

what have i missed? any other ideas other than maybe going diy with this?

You could contact Ross Lamond and have it custom made.

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Maybe it’s not at all what you want. But building my own case was a treat. In all fairness it took me two designs before I found the one I have now and am pleased with.

I’m using Synthrotek Super Power with zero issues.

…and no - I don’t really have any carpentry experience. It’s doable anyway! :smile_cat:


Have an Erica synths pico case. It’s 42hp, 5mm deep and its a beauty. Wood is optional, so you could DIY your own fancy wood. I use one with a c1t1zen power board, which is not so noisy if you use a proper usb power plug.


That pico case looks great, but it’s a couple of mm too shallow. I need 53-55mm.

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@CarlMikaelBjork, that is beautiful. But if I can, I’d love to avoid the DIY route.

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Wow, that looks fantastic! Got my first modules yesterday to build a small 42hp effects processor around MI clouds. Think i’m going to follow your case choice!

Just keep one thing in mind… you’ll soon need 84HP, then 6U, then 9U and 104HP… and so on. :smiley:

no risk in that. i’ve been there already. 12u of 102hp. the 42hp case will be all that’s left from my currently only 84hp case. i went with a bugbrand voice and a serge creature instead of euro :wink:


It’s doubling your HP needs, but the Pittsburgh EP-96 is a really nice little case with exactly 55mm of clearance over the power supply (70mm overall).

curious about which euro is left :slight_smile:

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Good question. Still shuffling some things around, but basically it’s this. A glorified, computer/iPad/pedal connection box.

Fully understandable.

I’m not sure if it’s in stores yet, but the Doepfer A-100LC1 was announced at the Jan 2017 NAMM, and was supposed to be released this March. 48 HP with what looks like a good power supply and wood enclosure. I’m not sure the depth but Doepfer cases are generally on the deeper side:

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That looks almost perfect, if maybe only slightly under-powered. Thanks for pointing me in that direction.

The nice people at KOMA make a 70mm (!!) deep 3U84HP case, which you may peruse here. Note that they offer ways to connect this case to other cases to make larger MONSTER CASES if such a thing has any appeal to you.

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But the KOMA cases come without a PSU, and it seems like you’ll have to use flying busboards, in case that is relevant.

True. But wow…it’s deep. And you could probably get away with a Case Power Mini and a 4HP power module.

Thanks, that’s a lovely case, but is double the size of what I was looking for. Currently having a new thought, which is to completely get out of eurorack. Mmh, have to think that through.