Record Half a Duet (Disquiet Junto Project 0269)


prepared some mountain dulcimer samples and had these looping slightly phased thru protoplasm and a bunch of other fx
also some humming thru lots of guitar fx

i’ve made this quite difficult for next week havent i?


I’m pondering this very thing. We’ve done aspects of shared projects in the past, and when we do I play it by ear, getting a sense of who participated, what the range of material is like, how many people actually set the work for download.


Thanks for explaining that. I’d wondered how it was produced.


Hey Junto, Maybe a picker could bash something out on this number. My live part was done by moving the looper on the guitar/vocal part with my mouse.



this is a live ukulele solo plodding daydream recorded on handheld sony cassette tape recorder… just channeling the mood.
there’s a bit of junk at the very end that was already randomly recorded onto the tape at the spot where i stopped recording, it’s a cd skipping live in the moment with no edits so i thought i would leave it there as an ambiguous punctuation mark. un-fin.


Oops I have not got it! It was a compulsory duo!


and not for this time !!! Sorry! (difficult with english)


Half of a four-handed piano duet:

A piano piece, loosely improvised. I discovered a few weeks back that I’m completely in love with the combination of the Wurlitzer electric piano sound with the reverse delay on this cheap guitar pedal. It just seems to fit, and it responds really well to velocity. So I thought I’d play half a four-handed duet, and try to leave the bottom half of the frequency range clear. I quite liked this. It’s a little bit like all the noodling I do, but there’s quite a lot to play with in there - but it also stands alone well enough.

Having seen @RupertL’s take, I decided to do something simple, on a single instrument, but also try filming it:

(and you can see that the piano lives in front of my Old Optical Media shelf. I am a dork.)

If you’re duetting me with next week, you may be pleased to know I’m basically playing to a click. And alas, I’m not free next weekend, so you’ll all have to play without me.


Good evening,

Plugged in the Akai en banged the shit out of it in a minimalistic way, that’s basically it.
(My first idea was to read an article from the newspaper, maybe next time)
So, enjoy half of the duet…


The playlist is live:


here´s my half for a Duet.
improvised on my Squier Telecaster,run thru Amplitube3 with some build in fx.
i´m sorry for the hiss.


Here’s mine.

Improvised melancholy melody on a Synthfarm Companion Synth, then split into a Boss DD-7 and Holy Grail pedal. The Holy Grail part is then passed through the filter of a Moog Mother 32. Both channels mixed and output mono.

Couldn’t easily do a video in time, so used a photo of the instrument for the track.


Hello Marc,
I need to know when ( time frame) to tell a possible host in Gothenburg (they are interested).
Natalia/ kamikuma


This is mine. Not edited, first take, no rehearse. But I have played this little piece many times. Wrote it in the year 2000 in a village in Spain called Las Rotas.

I would love to hear a theremin playing along. Or a cello. Or a flute. Yes, maybe a flute.


Here’s my half drone.

I tried to make something that could be a foundation for somebody to build upon. Something rather amorphous, more sort of a background scenery.

The track was created using a modular synth. When doing something like this I always wonder: “what defines playing live?”, what does “playing an instrument” actually mean. I honestly don’t know… but this is as live as I can play the modular, that I’m sure.
The pitches in this patch are mostly determined by an asynchronously running sequencer and triggered quantizer (every time the quantizer receives a note it samples the CV on the input and outputs a quantized note. Multiple envelopes (piqued app on the O_C module) shape the dynamics and timbre. As sound sources I used Braids, Edges and the Leaf Audio VCO-I. Filtering by the Woof VCF on the Colour Palette, wave shaping and mixing by Warps and delay by Chronoblob.


Duet (Part A)[disquiet0269]

Disquiet Junto Project 0269: Duet Portion
Record half of a live duet.

I made three very different tracks and decided to submit this one because it is the sparsest and leaves the most room to add something else.

Some long, pan-diatonic notes created with Braids, Clouds and Ripples going through a Flashback delay with a very long delay time. Braids is set to a quantized diatonic scale and I used the “coarse” nob to select pitches (some at random).


Hi, Natalia — I’ll send you an email now. Thanks!


This is a song from my homeland. I also dressed up in my ancestor’s clothing to do the video. I just made a video of a small part, since really the best take I did at home, and the video was taken outside.

Basically I don’t play any instruments, but everyone can sing (well kind of) so I decided to sing a traditional folk song. I recorded it on my zoom recorder, no editing just the raw file.

… a bit more on this … what’s above was my initial reaction when I read the disquiet, basically I don’t play an instrument, so I should try singing. Anyway, sometimes at home I just start singing songs in a made up language, and it make my wife laugh (and kids cringe) so I thought I would try doing that. I tried a few times and finally got something I thought was reasonable (mostly because of the emotional expression … even if a bit on the silly side). I thought of it as someone pining for their homeland or a lost love, so I thought it would look cool to wear some of my dad’s clothes that I have. Then I thought well since I have long hair, I should be able to do something with that, then since the hat doesn’t cover my ears (and it’s cold outside here) I can use the hair to do that, then I thought braiding it to look like a beard would be suitably ridiculous.
On Sunday (when I’d already basically mentally committed to the singing), I thought I could do something like playing my push, or lemur on my ipad, but I would have to figure something out … maybe next time for that …


Am i here…
DuEx Plorable(disquiet0269)
The prompt this week was filled with peril, live performance, multitasking and video! With so many things to manage at once it was hard to get anything right but it was very interesting. And frustrating. And time consuming. I have been trying to incorporate a more live approach with iOS but it has been a steep curve. A slightly simple attempt this week with Magellan and Nave triggered by a MIDI keyboard playing over a Patterning groove. All are routed through Audiobus, AB Remote and mixed through AUM, with Zero Reverb on the AUM mixing bus. Not outstanding musically but a start towards something bigger :wink: The video was a lot more work from start to finish. Recorded on my phone and brought into iMovie where syncing proved to be near impossible. Once I did some quirky work arounds it came out OK, but man what a lesson in patience! I hope somebody enjoys it :-/


No planning with this one, just grabbed my ZoomH4N whilst on a break from the white lines, and started humming…