Recording Earthsea patterns into a sequencer

Has anyone tried recording the patterns from Earthsea into a sequencer? I’ve been trying to record some patterns from Earthsea into the Orthogonal Devices ER-101 and 102, but since Earthsea doesn’t output a clock… I don’t know how to sync them. The ‘best’ results I got so far are if I clock the recorder with the Edge output, but that completely misses all the imperfections of my performance (which may be a good thing, but makes it sound too mechanical). Any ideas? Perhaps clocking Earthsea through Teletype? I haven’t tried that yet.

Please ignore. Sorted now. Easier than I thought, with real-time recording. It seems I was just not sending a fast enough clock with Tempi.

brainseed module would work really well with earthsea. it’s a well featured s/h basically, but can loop sequences, and other fun stuff.