Recording in to MLRV from a keyboard

I want to connect my equipment in such a way that allows me to sample myself playing the piano and mess with it on my Monome.

I have:

  • Ableton
  • A MIDI keyboard connected via a MIDI-USB adapter
  • a Monome 128 that I’ve played with in sum and MLRV

I imagine the path forward involves having Ableton process the MIDI signal, and feed it to MLRV, but I haven’t been able to figure out how to do this - I’d be grateful for any direction, sorry if this is a stupid question!

Not a stupid question; it’s possible but not always easy. You will need to use an audio routing piece of software like sound flower.

An easier solution, if you have max for live, is the remix app - -re:mix- {m4l app} - which is a very extended version of mlr; where the advantage is you can do it all within ableton.

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^what he said.

easiest way would be if you have m4l and use re-mix inside ableton, so u dont need a audio-routing device.

if you dont have m4l or want to route audio from live to mlrv then, depending on your os, use soundflower or jack (for windows).

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Thanks so much for the pointer, I think I’m getting very close.

What I have now is two tracks in Live:

  • my MIDI keyboard, screenshot
  • re:mix / my monome, which is able to load samples and play them in live via re:mix and Max4Live, screenshot

(and a screenshot of the re:mix window, here)

What I can’t figure out is how to feed the MIDI track to re:mix. What I’ve done:

  • verified that the MIDI keyboard is being received by Live, and can record
  • loaded re:mix, and all groups
  • verified that re:mix works by manually dropping some samples on to it and triggering them with my monome
  • dropped the input.amxd file on to my MIDI track

Do you have any hints for me? I suspect that it’s my lack of knowledge of Live that’s holding me back here. Thanks again.

looking at your screenshots, i see a few problems. first, i noticed you’re using max7… the app is completely untested with max7 so some things may not work. looks like some gui elements are missing or the wrong color. i’ve been developing it with max6, so i’d suggest using that for the time being.

also noticed u have all the group .amxd’s on a single track… that’ll cause problems, you want to load them onto separate tracks.

re: recording- you have input 1-2 disabled on the input.amxd, so recording on those buffers won’t work. try with all 1-8 switches enabled. the whole purpose of these is you can load several instances of the input device on different tracks, and the 1-8 switches let u choose which buffer(s) each instance will record to.

hope that helps.


Fanastic, I’m off to the races. Thanks again guys for all your help and @elquinto for the rad app and tech support :slight_smile:

@elquinto do you have a wiki or other documentation group I could contribute to for other beginners? Could use GitHub’s wiki on the re:mix repo if you’re down.

np, and yes, anyone can contribute to the github wiki.

Sweet! Submitted a walkthrough for beginners.

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Nice work with the walk through.


yeah, nice work. thanks for contributing!

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