Recording video performances

Hi there!

I would like to record a video while I’m playing, someone has a tip?
I would like to use just my iphone, but I worried about the sound, every time I try, never works well.

How did you do?


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You can record the audio directly in the computer (presumably a monome app?) and then film using your iPhone and then sync the two up afterwards.


Clap your hands on video and mic. You can use that to sync up the video and audio tracks.


Thank you guys!
I imagined to do that way.

I’m thinking if there are a way to use just the iphone, to be the more simple possible. If you know a way or a app to record the sound well, like the video.

Thank you anyway!

There are special iOS mic/input device things and then I’m sure there are apps that allow you to do that too, but I would think the sync afterwards (although a little faffy to start) is the general practice. It will be easier if you use some kind of speakers/monitors at the same time so the iPhone video picks up that audio as well, so you just sync audio to audio.

Or the classic handclap, or timed button press works as sync sources.


one thing I found, only recently, is my mixer has a USB output and plugging that into a apple camera connection kit allowed me to record audio directly.

basically, any USB audio class compliant device will (should :slight_smile: ) work with the camera connection kit e.g. microphones, audio interfaces

@Angela shoots all of her (/our) stuff with a Panasonic GH-2 which has a firmware hack/mod (have a quick google). We bought the first one when it came out and it was close to a grand, but we bought a second body last year for under €200 I think.

So that’s a good way to get some real high quality video stuff going.

For editing, we used FCPX. If you’re used to iMovie FCPX is very similar.

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look for an Sony RX100 mk iii or later. I think the mk iii is limited to a very nice 1080, while later generations can do 4k (but limited to 5 minutes of record time). Sony updates the camera almost once a year, so there’s lots of used ones floating around and they do some good sensor-level stuff that makes them very good video cameras.

a caveat is that they don’t have audio in, so you’ll be syncing later in post.

don’t agonize over this. if you’re doing this in the comfort of your own home/studio, all the features that make tripods expensive don’t matter to you. the one caveat is if you want to reproduce the top-down video aesthetic, then getting one with a rotating center column might be helpful (or you can just attach a tripod clamp to a shelf or whatever).

if lighting is a problem in your chosen environment, getting an LED array or two is nice. you can color correct in camera for the color temp of the lights you choose and I think there’s some nice LED panels out there for not much (haven’t looked at the market in a long time). you don’t need to go fancy here.

only other thing that really matters for stationary video stuff is getting your shutter angle right. basically, set your shutter speed as close to 2x your framerate (1/50th of a second for 24/25fps, 1/120th of second for 60fps) and correct for your exposure with aperture, ISO, and your lighting. this will make your hands not choppy or blurry if they’re moving around the video.

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Im experimenting with some iPhone olloclips. the superwide olloclip lens is nice and I’ve got a little kit from amazon that has some just ok macro lenses. Im going to try the olloclip macros out soon. I don’t mind the iPhone camera but really haven’t found THE lens for my setup yet.

The Roland Go mix is great for a quick upload but the audio can be touchy in my opinion. As far as syncing goes I’m amazed at how smart the sync is on the iMovie app. Synching has come a long way for sure!

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I’ve been using a Line 6 Sonic Port with my iPhone. I just take a stereo 1/8” jack to the stereo in and it works well enough. Here’s one of my better examples:

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Over the years I’ve used a host of different interfaces with several different iPhones and a bunch of different USB / lightning / camera adaptor kit cables and got fed up with all of them. A few months ago I splashed on a Canon EOS M50 - based in no small part on it being one of the very very few cameras that shoots video and has a stereo audio in - and I’m delighted. I don’t know enough about cameras to tell you what makes it great, but teh interwebz loves it, and so far I’ve found no reason to disagree. It has built-in wifi, and being able to shoot a video and dump it to my phone and then upload it immediately to Instagram / Facebook / etc. is a bonus.

I use it with a Gorillapod from Joby, and I picked up one of these for mounting the camera on a mic stand:



For editing I can highly recommend DaVinci Resolve. I still can’t believe how powerful the free version is. It started as a Color Grading software, but developed into a full fledged NLE. Certainly over the top for simple video editing tasks, but if you’re willing to invest a little time learning the basics, it’s unbeatable.

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What are people using to quikly capture a patch or jam with decent quality video/sound? Up untill now I’ve been using a Roland:Go mixer to record the headphone output of my mixer into my iphone for better than phonemic quality audio sync’d to the video. I found that this was the easiest most “immediate” solution for when I want to grab a snippet of a patch to post or save for myself.

Lately though the GO mixer is introducing annoying clicks and pops into the audio, so I’ve been thinking about other options.

What have you folks been doing?

I’ve been using a GO mixer for little insta videos - which has been working ok for me.

Not noticed pops/clicks but also just noodling and paying too much attention to finished quality.

No solution to fer here, but curious about other options too.

it was never a problem before for me either. it may have something to do with the phone itself though. I tried using the GO with my iPad and sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

I’m using my iPhone with a USB camera kit connected to my Zoom H5. The stock iPhone Camera app seems to automatically pick up the Zoom as an interface (when the Zoom is in interface mode). I’ve also had good results using Filmic Pro instead of the stock Camera app which gives you far more control over the video, camera (if you have multiple cameras like an iPhone 11 Pro), and audio.


I’ll have to check out my Zoom recorder when I get home. Not sure but I don’t think I have an interface mode. Will check out that app too. Thanks!

I do the zoom deal with my h6, the only sucky part is it has to be powered by batteries while using it in interface mode with the camera kit. Also I’ve had weird issues with clouds causing clicking noises on my videos. No clouds? No problem.


been meaning to find someones unused apple earbuds and solder the mic in to a 1/8" jack

will let ya’ll know how that goes


I shoot using a Nikon DSLR and run the headphone out of my audio interface straight into the camera audio in. Works great and little fuss.

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