Reducing brightness on grayscale 128

I enjoy using my monome (grayscale 128) with the white whale module but at night the brightness of the white LED’s hurts my eyes. I did a search and saw people mention with the monome_test patch I should be able to adjust overall brightness but I can’t find such an option.

Is there a way to permanently reduce it’s brightness or will I have to sell it and get a new one with yellow LED’s?

this is a good idea-- having a brightness adjustment be permanent (stored internally).

unfortunately this will require a firmware flash to the device.

alternatively i can add some extra functionality into the modulars to tune the brightness-- that might be the better method.


That would be quite awesome! Then you’d be able to tune the brightness to whichever environment you’re in.

I guess that means currently there’s no way for me to change the brightness using software before connecting the monome to the white whale, right?

you should be able to use this to adjust the brightness.

Monome Home.maxpat (287.9 KB)

adjusting on the computer is supported, yes. but there’s presently no way to adjust on the modular. this is the issue i believe.

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I see…