Reflect Norns' status in OSC controller (backchannel?)

Based off of the Norns iPhone TouchOSC template from @felart (GitHub - felart/Norns-TouchOSC: TouchOSC template for Norns) I have been fiddling around, managing to add controls for setting the midi clock source and remotely turning the Norns’ encoders and pressing its buttons. Thanks @felart !!
WIP of my template here (for one month):

So far I can not see a way to reflect the current status of the Norns, lets say maybe the clock speed, back to the TouchOSC controller.
As far as I see it, the OSC_receive function contains a ‘from’ parameter that could be extracted when overiding the function. So after one control package from the controller, the Norns could theoretically know where to send OSC messages with the current status of selected controls and parameters.

Probably one could implement polls for different parameters or maybe hook into the encoder and key events.

Yet I am unsure, and have too little knowledge about the Norns internals, where to insert code like this. Is there a user script hook for inserting user code that shall be executed outside of the actual patches?

The /remote/enc and /remote/key paths allow for remote controlling the Norns without running a user patch, actually allowing for loading patches also. And of course sytem parameters like the levels etc can be set.
I’d like to be able to set a couple of parameters, but also reflect the current status on the touch controller.

Any hints and pointers appreciated.