Refocus: llllllll

Thanks for the consideration. Lines is definitely the highest volume discourse site I visit. Yeah, feels like the bar to get to regular is pretty high at this point. I feel like a regular. :slight_smile: It hasn’t really mattered until now, but it feels a little bad that I might not be able to post in a topic of interest.

More generally though, the change probably makes sense and will be good. Just hope I can be included in it.


is there a preferred way to help out recategorizing “open” topics?

i saw that as a regular i can “recategorize and rename topics” but it’s not clear to me how to actually do this. would be happy to pitch in on obvious moves if that is something the normal not-mod community can do––just need a point towards the UI function that carries that out

Recategorize and rename is not actually available to Lines Regulars—my understanding is it caused confusion a while back before my time. That language I guess is there by default.

If there’s a thread you feel should move categories, feel free to DM @moderators.


The categorization often seems very arbitrary. For example, there are four threads I see that discuss movies - two in open and two in review. The mega-thread on video games is in open, while the mega-thread about books is in review. Not a complaint, just an observation. I can imagine that in the moment the thread was created, there isn’t always clarity where something should live.

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Maybe this is patently obvious, but, for the @moderators thinking about categories, I’d just note that forum users will always have two (un-articulated) questions in mind when figuring out where to post something: “which category makes most sense to me?” (context) and “what does a category allow me to do?” (settings, permissions)

So you’ll potentially find as people get their head around the rules / settings applied to each category, they post where it’s useful rather than where they think similar content goes. e.g. “this post really goes in category x, but I’ll put it in category y so that anyone can comment”.

It’s sometimes useful to bear in mind when coming up with categories and rules, IME - and also something to not be surprised by down the track when you see it happening.


I’m sure you’ve considered this but it jumped to mind for me : its a bit like closing up the borders around lines, and may have the effect of doubling down on the most “linesy” types of discourse.

There are only so many posts about growing your own food, looping tape around strange objects, and field recordings of fields, that I feel I can enjoy. That is just a joke, no offense meant!

I’ve only been enjoying the forum for roughly 6 years, and am not classified as a regular currently. I look forward to the next 6! :slight_smile:


my personal hope is that the posts that seem most like Lines start to be the ones not in Open :wink:


Mmh… I am not sure how to think about this. The be honest, this is the first time I am consider to retreat.


thanks for everyone’s feedback.

i’ve updated the permissions so that Open is read/writeable by Members. but Regular status is still required to start a new Open topic.

later on i can attempt to write more at length about what we’re perceiving as the trajectory of this community— perhaps then we can get further input as to how to mitigate some systemic issues while trying to foster the positive elements.


Smart moves. I am with the community and happy to comply.
(on a humorous tangent, according to the forum warez, i’m making smart moves too: just read 6k posts in under 20 minutes :metal: :nerd_face: :muscle: #FishingForStatus :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )


irony - “open” group for a closed group of members :slight_smile:
(I get why the name, just found it amusing when I saw a locked icon against ‘open’)

seems like a good idea though.

not sure, if I’ll be able to keep up the 100 day view/read 25% post criteria …
if anything I’m trying to cut down social media consumption - but I can see that why you might want ‘active membership’ as a criteria.


Hm, seems like a tricky format. I read Lines obsessively, but have very rarely commented. So def far from Regular status, but feel certainly like a regular. Love it here.


I’m a little concerned about not being able to keep up with the number of required reads, etc, as the community grows and consequently the volume grows.

I’m here a lot and like to think I contribute in a nice way, but there are topics I never read because they have little relevance to my interests. Others are profoundly relevant…

Just thinking out loud…


Just a note, I somehow managed to get regular status just by reading what interests me, without any “I gotta scroll this thread” gimmicks. Just takes some time


Yep, same here - instinctively I thought I wouldn’t qualify (even though I feel like a regular!), but I do. In short, don’t fret :slight_smile:


Likewise; I didn’t make any special effort to become Regular, just reading what interested me consistently.