Refurbished Walnut 256 Grid (Now Cherry 256 Grid)

A few months ago I spied a beat-up Walnut 256 grid on ebay. Based on the last minute small bidding skirmish I imagine some of you may have seen it there.

Being more skilled in the woodworking than musical arts I decided to make an attempt at “restoring” it. The case was pretty beat up and the keys were yellowed from age or nicotine. It was also a non-bus powered unit.

With some input and very generous guidance from @tehn I purchased new buttons and the bus power upgrade and set off on building a new case out of my favorite wood - black cherry. I disassembled the case, measured it and made new parts from cherry milled here in the Hudson Valley. Being that the original was built using CNC mine is off a little here and there. The case screws needed a little “coaxing” and I foolishly disregarded @tehn’s remarks about the rubber gasket that makes up the anti-skid footing. Mine is unabashedly scrappy but it works.

Finished with 3 coats of satin polyurethane and hand rubbed beeswax. Make no mistakes – this one is evidently 100% man (and manned machine) made.

Here are some photos. I recently pounced for a used 128 so I am considering selling this. If a few people are interested I will post a proper “FS” in the trade category.


Looks stunning! :+1: I’m a bit into woodworking myself (built my studio desk and it was a complex project ) and can appreciate the level of detail :blush:

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Thanks, @Markus! That’s appreciated.

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Looks beautiful! I’m actually looking for my first monome grid and would love if you made a trade category post!