listen to (large) audio files and create timecode markers


I´m happy to share my first little norns script.

The idea, which is rooted here, is to have an audio player with which you can review recorded material and mark parts that are interesting.

So you load an audio file (K1) which gets played back immediately. Every time you like what you hear you press K3 and a timecode marker is written to a text-file.

By turning enc3 you can pause the playback. K2 lets you fast forward.

The journey (short version)

The first version used softcut for the playback until I realized that softcut isn’t capable of playing larger audio files… but the main part of my idea was to re-listen to large audio material. For short material this whole marker idea doesn’t make much sense…
Ok I need to write a little SuperCollider engine around “Playbuf”. Got it. hmm how do I get the information of the playback position and duration. with softcut this was quite easy…OSC from SC to lua… uh ok I have no clue…Ok got them talk to each other via OSC but wait what: Playbuf can only play files with a length of ~6min…noooooo…why didn’t I checked this before!!!..
Thanks to @infinitedigits I learned that there’s “SuperPlayBuf” out in the wild. Looked promising. But is not part of supercollider by default… Need to compile…somehow got it compiled and copied to the supercollider extensions folder. But what if I want to share this script? Ok I need to include these extensions and let lua copy the files to the supercollider folder the first time the script gets loaded.
Looks all good. Audio files are playing. I can mark positions. Juhuu. Let´s try a larger files.(For testing the largest file on my norns was ~15min). Nothing happens… wait… “SuperPlayBuf” promised to play files up to 12h…ok the file get loaded into a buffer and … loading into buffer means loading into RAM, right?!..uuuh nooooooooooooo. norns has only 1gig RAM…
I guess I need a way to play directly from drive… “VDiskIN” finally made my script idea came to life. In contrast to all previous versions the only thing that “VDiskIn” is not capable of is to play backward.

(“…” = moments of frustration, hours of trying things, reading supercollider help files and searching on lines, github, discord, wild web)




K1 load audio file

K2 fast-forward.
(You can change rate-slew in the params menu )

E3 pause the playback

K3 mark a position

marked positions will be saved in “/home/we/dust/code/rehear/markers.txt”

Bildschirmfoto 2023-03-24 um 14.52.26


v1.0.0 - GitHub - reijogoru/rehear

in the maiden REPL, type:


needs a restart after installing.

Let me know if you find any bugs!

Thank you

Norns Study Group on discord and @infinitedigits !!! I learned a lot the last days!


So cool to see this is already out, congrats! Was interesting to follow your progress over on the norns study group.


Thank you very much for this.

This utilitary script is extremely helpful - not only to edit recordings in a non-traditional computer environment but also to extend Norns playback/backtracking capabilities.


This looks like it would be really helpful to the folks in this thread! You might consider posting a link there also :slight_smile:


Yes you’re right. Will do that real quick!

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this is one of those ones where you think, “huh, what would I even use that for?” and then 10 seconds later you’ve thought of 6 or 7 different purposes you can set it to. Amazing!

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I can see this being really useful to me for reviewing longer field recordings, but like @ruaridhTVO said as I’m type this out there are more and more use cases coming to mind! Great work @reijo

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Thank you!! Makes me happy to hear that people find it useful !!
Would be interesting to hear what use cases you have in mind @FUHz and @ruaridhTVO

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I have sold my Norns but I’m glad this happened!

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