Release: Delay Line Memory, New Tendencies

I’m really excited to share my first new release since last summer.

“Delay Line Memory” consists of three long(ish) tonal pieces. Each piece is slowly evolving chords and harmonies (loosely) based on a different scale.

This work evolved from an eight channel sound installation I made last year. The original installation version runs a SuperCollider program that slowly ‘forgets’ and then ‘remembers’ the original melody to Kraftwerk’s Computer Love. The piece is a mediation on our computer culture where a computer itself wistfully tries to remember better times, algorithmic nostalgia.

These three iterations of the piece are my reinterpretation of the installation for stereo recording. In these the original song is completely obfuscated, but the process remains the same. The notes are slowed down, the original melody never appears. But the code still runs through a process of losing the melody and trying to pick it back up.

In the physical installation, the reverberation of the space creates an ambience as the individual notes move through each of the eight channels, which are spread out in the gallery. For the recorded version I wanted to play with the nature of the ‘space’ in which the music is playing. Now playing in a purely digital space, I experimented with constantly shifting and moving reverberant spaces. Impossible rooms…


Really enjoyed my first listen and looking forward to more.

Did the installation get to show in a public way last year or was it curtailed by the pandemic? I’d like to see this in person sometime as it’s really up my alley for a number of reasons.

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The installation, unfortunately, hasn’t been presented publicly due to the pandemic. So far the only place it has existed is in my studio and in a rather poor video I made :slight_smile:

I’m hoping to present it somewhere once that’s possible again, but we’ll see. In the meantime I’m trying to arrange for a space where I can at least properly document it.