Release of One - emho

I am so happy to say that my first release is out today. It is self release so it was quite a journey.

For most of it, I need to credit the lines community that has inspired me artistically, technically and pushed me to release my own music to the world.

The process of the album was splitted into 2 distinct phases:

The overall concept is based on a one sample approach per track.

Phase 1

1 to 3 mns samples were created using an eclectic range of hardware such as OT, Digitone, Peak, modular, field recording, Norns with many scripts (cudo to cheat codes 2 in particular)

Phase 2

Selected « long samples » were edited into shorter material and imported to Digitakt. Max 8 music fragments per track (limit of the machine slots)

Ultimately each song was performed, looped, reversed, mangled with the Digitakt only and recorded as a one stereo channel through Analog Heat and Ableton.

Mastering by Michael Southard who pushed it to another level!

I hope some of you will have a listen, and if you have any questions about it, please just ask me.

Digital version and cassette are available on my bandcamp page here:

All sales will go to an organization supporting music and kids.