Release of "The Light Ark", made by the Make Noise Dark Easel system.

Sunday, 24th of October 2021
On such a wonderful day here in Utrecht, the Netherlands, where the sun is shining like it’s for the first time, I’ve decided to announce my new album called “The Light Ark”. Made after intensive work from the beginning of 2021, the album consists of 8 tracks that symbolise a path through what I call “The Light Ark”. A place where a new humanity will be born, a loving, accepting, caring humanity which creates a safe place for healing, a place of inspiration, creativity and joy. The album is made with what I call “The Make Noise Dark Easel” system: 0-Coast/0-Ctrl/Strega, a few external fx and a looper. This album is dedicated to my family: their unconditional love and care, their courage and deep humanity is where I reside.