Released album on Bandcamp: Calicem

Hello everybody,

I want to share with you my album “Calicem”. I joined this (lines) community only recently for the Disquiet Junto.

All tracks are based on patches made in VCV Rack between 2018 and 2020. I mixed and recorded everything now. It’s the first time I release my music.

Some of the patches have been used on stage together with my friends Fernando and Gabriel. We blend guitar sounds and violin under the name “Friends Of Alan” and I hope to explore this blend of electronic music with acoustic instruments more in the future.

Enjoy. – Torsten


Great tracks! Deeply immersed in lush ambiences and feelz, I love it! :raised_hands:
(and welcome! :beers:)

Thank you, @rajaTheResidentAlien for your nice comment. And I changed the album to pay as you feel / name your price for the remaining days of 2020.