Released album on Bandcamp, IDM-synthpop-glitch-whatever-ish

Hi everybody !

I wanted to share this here.

<“​-​_​-​”> + @​(​°​!​°​)​@ => “​[​​_​​]​” x V°_°V

It is about meeting my inner animal side, greeting it, making it come to the surface, seeing that it is all about love and exchange, and now that I know what it is, I can start to accept it.

It is about letting go of expectations, accepting ideas, feelings, exploring without thinking about the end result, accepting that even if voice feels too intimate for me to use, I’d like to be able to bring that to my music, maybe later if I find a way?
Melody is back in style I say, and this album is my ode to “old” harmony, with a heavy use of triads, a definitive melancholic mood coming out of those minor scales and sad tones. And those synths are like small robot animals that came to realize they are not fully alive, that made them sad and they sing about it.

This album is also the result of isolation and time constraint. Working fast and never questioning the first creative jump, working almost always between 5 and 7 am, expending creatively on virtual instruments I had to get to know for work. It was my way of getting something back from all those hours spent learning tools I wouldn’t learn if it wasn’t for a job. This way of working made this naive workflow possible, and I love that I don’t exactly recognize the result as something « mine », maybe for that it is actually even more true.

It is also the first time of my life I work on a laptop with headphones, it is so weird, I wouldn’t say I liked it, but I sure am happy I was able to do it, rather than do nothing instead. It felt good to find a way to let music out even though I was away from a lot: equipment, and home also, a good chunk was made in hotel rooms / airbnb’s during lockdown, working far from where I live…

A really BIG thank you to anyone taking the time to listen to any of it. And of course any feedback or question is more than welcome !


This is killer! I LOVE the old-school prog rock vibe through much of it. Melodies, harmonies, rhythm, drama, humor, shape, space – what’s not to love?


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Hey thank you very much! That is really nice of you to say. I had not thought about old school prog rock, but it makes sense, I think I agree it is a bit like electronic old school prog rock, without the guitar or keyboard solos.