Remember 64insanity?

I really wish there was an OSC version of this classic patch, or better yet a max4live version! Does anyone know if there ever was an OSC version? If so can you share it please? I would gladly donate to someone if they could build a M4L version as well! Thanks!

There is a serialosc version- called insanity.

I did an m4l port of this app a while ago, but it ended up being a big step backwards because m4l has no way of handling midi channels. (U only get one channel in m4l) You’d be much better off using the max version tbh.

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Exactly. I always wished there was a way to make a m4l device outside of a channel. Something to intercept all audio and midi and then route it to the channels.

This is why I eventually gave up on live and m4l altogether. I do miss abletons synths and effects though.

Does anybody know why Live has this constraint? It makes it impossible to use a Seaboard with Live, so I end up using Logic for some things and Live for others, less than ideal.

Thanks of the heads up and info elquinto. I’ll dig around for insanity!

Update: got it.

You can use send/return objects to route to different channels… Just make small satellite devices as receivers.
I agree it would be nice to have a native solution to send from within m4l to other channels.

(works with a whole midi channel stream by the way)

@stevieraysean any possibility that Tentacle is still happening?

tentacle yes! well, i hope so.
i’ve been (not) working on it for at least two years. it’s really quite cool, but also quite confusing. hoping to reduce the latter.

i’ve been busy with, er, life.
house/marriage/baby/job/studying electronics engineering.
with no university over the next few months i’m hoping to find the time / energy to finally get this out.

In terms of the insanity-like part of it, i think it’s a good improvement and should be more efficient than any of the insanity releases.

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No, totally get life and all that. Priorities, man! Congrats to you for your bounty!

I’m sure it will be a hit whenever it lands. :wink: