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@horridus’s post about having one of their tracks remixed inspired me to make a thread solely dedicated to remixes. I’m curious what sorts of remixes the lines community has done outside of the LCRP. Whether you’ve remixed someone else’s recording or had someone remix your work, share links to those remixes below.

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Here’s my first ever remix commission, for a place both wonderful and strange’s “The Laura Palmer Devastations” remix album:

And here’s a set of remixes I commissioned based on material from my Lamentations release, with tracks by experimental metal/noise project Crowhurst and ambient tape looper Tanner Garza:

I’m working on future installments of the Tears remix series, so I might even be in contact with some lines members to commission more remixes.

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Nice thread! I used to do quite a lot of remixes for different artists. Maybe the peak of my music making was that a couple of them ended up featured on pitchfork! I really enjoyed drastically altering the original through changing the tempo and key and covering them with my own synths. Though after a while I began to find it was kind of distracting me from making my own tracks.

Here’s a couple I had particular fun making:

Looking forward to checking out the other posts later

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I remember that Alarm Will Sound cover, pretty awesome! But well… it’s Alarm Will Sound, so I would not have expected any less!

Here’s two of things I’ve made that are kind of remixes (moving backwards chronologically, so newest first)

  1. A work-in-progress remix of our track “unsinnig”, I’m still working on it, but the idea is to make a more done-y version, removing most of the beat and giving it a different pace. It’s kind of the opposite of what one commonly expects from a remix (since we have been used to associating that with “put a 4/4 beat under the melody/harmony, done”, though this forum proves that there’s many other approaches all the time).

  1. In 2012 I did a project called 45" with a bunch of friends. The idea was to make a kind of a musical"cadavre exquis", each participant created a 45"piece of music based on the previous section by another musician.
    I later did a sort of remix that took one element from each of the sections and arranged them horiztontally.

Since I mentioned “unsinnig” above, I’d also like to point to this ambient remix by Finnish musician and Umpio label owner Pentti Dassum:

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This is my favorite remix (that I did):