Remote collaboration: resources, tips, tools, and workflows

Remote collaboration has become a topic of growing interest (and, perhaps, necessity), so I’m creating a space to share and discuss resources, tips, tools, and workflows.

Some topics:

  • How to share audio (or MIDI, etc.) files, stems, DAW sessions, code, sketches, notation, etc.
  • Version control [see above]
  • Creative collaboration, brainstorming, writing and composition, ideation, etc.
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering [there’s a dedicated thread for this, but perhaps we can think about it differently within the context of remote collaboration]
  • Sharing/publishing/releasing what you’ve made

I’m using Splice for Ableton collaboration.

It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good and free.

I’ve tried to use Trello for project tracking but it’s not being used much.

Google sheets and docs can be helpful for organizing various kinds of info, with the advantage that many colleagues already use gmail…


Here’s a little thing that maybe could be of interest on this topic.
For some time now I’ve been making collaborative tracks with a friend who goes under the name knobalchemist. We live in different places and only rarely meet (especially since COVID) so we came up with several processes that make creating tracks over the internet more fun and interesting.
Sometimes we borrow ideas from Junto, other times we come up with our own little musical games.
This one, I think, turned out pretty cool, so I’d like to share it here.
It’s based on a little thing we came up with @petesasqwax and @strider for one of the LCRPs. One which unfortunately we never ended up completing.

Basically the process was this:

  • define 4 parts: rhythm, melody, tonal background and noise background
  • define sections, like in a song structure
  • define BPMs and a set of pitches/scale/tuning
  • randomly assign parts to a musician for each section
  • blindly create the parts, without knowing what the other will make.
  • finally, put everything together and be surprised.

To make things easy I made this sort of score (repurposed from the one I had done for LCRP):


The descriptions in the score are perfect. I love that you did/do this (and am sad that our LCRP happened - or didn’t happen - this year amidst all the madness)

Don’t worry, we can try again in the future! I think it was a bit the wrong point in time for all of us.


I would absolutely love that!

Ahhhh this thread is great! I need guidelines to make decisions quick and equitable so I find a balance between paralysis or feeling like my energy is dominating (painting things with spouse can be a mixed bag :stuck_out_tongue: )

Is there a specific template you might be able to share for your song structure-plotting? I’ve been hunting for something like that for ages!