Remote collaboration: resources, tips, tools, and workflows

Remote collaboration has become a topic of growing interest (and, perhaps, necessity), so I’m creating a space to share and discuss resources, tips, tools, and workflows.

Some topics:

  • How to share audio (or MIDI, etc.) files, stems, DAW sessions, code, sketches, notation, etc.
  • Version control [see above]
  • Creative collaboration, brainstorming, writing and composition, ideation, etc.
  • Recording, mixing, and mastering [there’s a dedicated thread for this, but perhaps we can think about it differently within the context of remote collaboration]
  • Sharing/publishing/releasing what you’ve made

I’m using Splice for Ableton collaboration.

It’s not perfect but it’s pretty good and free.

I’ve tried to use Trello for project tracking but it’s not being used much.

Google sheets and docs can be helpful for organizing various kinds of info, with the advantage that many colleagues already use gmail…