Remote monome

I feel this is probably obvious and I’m just missing something. How would I connect the monome to a remote synth? For example say I have the Monome connected in one laptop, and would like it to control Monome Sum on another laptop?

I was attempted to use a port forwarder (socat) to forward the 12002 and other ports from the serialosc host with the monome, and mapping them to the same ports on the host with monome_sun… but socat complains on the monome_sun host that these ports are already taken. This is because the monome_sun host is also running serialosc. And I haven;t found the OSX plist or org.monome.serialosc to kill it.

Found plist path to stop serialoscd on OSX (if anyone is interested):
launchctl unload /Library/LaunchAgents/org.monome.serialosc.plist

I am able to get a limited form of this remote control setup working. It works with Pure Data but not Monome_sum at the moment. This is how.

  • Monome connected to raspberry pi with serialoscd running.

  • On monome host run: sudo socat -v -b 100 UDP4-RECVFROM:12289,fork UDP4-SENDTO:{{SYNTH_HOST_IP}}:12289

  • On synth host run: sudo socat -v -b 100 UDP4-RECVFROM:12002,fork UDP4-SENDTO:{{MONOME_HOST_IP}}:12002

  • On synth host also run: sudo socat -v -b 100 UDP4-RECVFROM:13442,fork UDP4-SENDTO:{{MONOME_HOST_IP}}:13442

  • Open any of the Grid Studies for pure data.

Alternatively one can forward the serial port itself from the Monome device to the Synth device. On Monome host: socat -v TCP-LISTEN:11111,fork /dev/ttyUSB0,raw. On Synth host: sudo socat -d -d -d pty,link=/dev/ttyUSB0,echo=0,crnl tcp:{{MONOME_HOST_IP}}:11111

I feel a bit stupid doing it this way so would be happy to hear any hints of a better direction to look at.

monome_sum is designed for local connection.

you can connect to remote servers simply by specifying a port other than “localhost”

read up here:

you don’t need to use a port forwarder.

oh yes… I could look at the monome host as the server. Sorry. Thanks for the patient help.