Rene 8x8 m4l device

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Having spotted the development of @bassik’s Max for Live device emulating a MakeNoise Rene, I’ve built a similar device from scratch for myself, this time for an 8x8 monobright grid (so could theoretically be ported over to Push, Launchpad etc).

The code is extremely messy and needs finishing off (adding Rene’s snake mode is the last thing remaining, along with ironing out some bugs), so I wanted to see if there was any interest in me tidying it up for others to use & writing a readme. If you’re keen to see it, let me know and I’ll try to make the thing presentable.

EDIT: version 0.1 available here

ren8 version (98.0 KB)


Hello @ehg,

thanks for this but I have to clarify one important element.
Rene monome patch is by @chapelierfou, I have only done a very small addition to the patch.
Something really minor, just a bug correction.

Anyway, I would be pleased to test your code when you have finished.

Thanks for the credit !
i’d love to check it out !
Oh and i did i steal the scale patcher from somewhere else.

I would be very interested to test out anything you come up with here - i have a push 1 and an apc40 that could theoretically work for it as well (i used to use the old monomulator patch to make it an 8x8 grid with varying levels of success).

cheers all, and apologies @chapelierfou for misattributing your work :slight_smile:

Will try and find some time to tidy up my code so others can use this version!

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Right, here you go! All the usual caveats apply about using a 0.1 version of a patch… haven’t tested it super rigorously, so there may be all sorts of bugs lurking within. Still, I’ve been playing around with it for a couple of hours this evening and getting lost in making strange melodic patterns, so hopefully others will find it enjoyable too.

The two major caveats to highlight are that I haven’t yet implemented Snake mode, or a way to save sequencer patterns with each Live Set (the set of MIDI notes assigned to the 4x4 grid should save with the Set, though).

Let me know what you reckon!

ren8 version (98.0 KB)

Sorry, have spotted some errors in the readme and a small glitch in the device itself, have just corrected those. The above versions are now the correct ones

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downloaded - will try to test it out as soon as i can. thanks for the work!

Didn’t try properly, but the beauty of it : yours and mine are quite different. I couldn’t get how you’ve done all the coding.
My feeling is also that the two apps have quite a different approach. Nice !


You’re welcome! Glad to see there are differences between the devices… hopefully people with larger grids than 8x8 might be inspired to use it too!

i like it. it’s very fun to play with :smile: