René Margraff - Just/Just Birds

I have a new digit/tape on the fine greek label Dasa Tapes.

It is two long pieces for those who like sinewaves, strings and birds.

“Just" (Strings & Flute - Side A)“ was created in June 2019 during “Composing with Intonations: Microtonal Sound“ a workshop“ led by Marc Sabat at ACUD MACHT NEU, Berlin.
“Just (Strings & Flute)“ is a dialogue between “pure“ but beating sinewaves and acoustic instruments (Abigail Toll - flute, Thomas Nicholson – violin, Marc Sabat – viola, Cenk Ergün – recording) and other recordings (closely miced fermentation, a distant washing machine, a “frozen“ guitar chord recorded in a room with squeaky floor boards.

Just Birds (Side B) was created with the same setup but no acoustic instruments were harmed, the birds woke me so early on a trip to Warnemünde. I only manipulated the speed of the recording. At the same time I noticed lots of negative discussions of “too many birdsounds in “ambient” music” and thought, the problem might just be the music. I enjoyed the dialogue between the sines and how the birdsounds are just opening everything up so much more.

In the tradition of Flying Saucer Attack I consider this album as an end of “phase 3”.

Unfortunately I do not have download codes but am happy to share a dropbox link for those who cannot buy it but like it so much that they want to take the files offline.

Also, I highly recommend the other two releases in the same batch. <3


This sounds so good! Can’t wait for a closer listen, thank you!

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really enjoyed this, gonna pick it up! I really like Marc Sabat’s work- super cool you got to do a workshop with him here and get these recordings

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Thanks so much! Yeah, it was really great and I feel like I learned a lot of things in if I remember correctly 3 weekend sessions, not only about intonation but also about pace and where to put things in the mix and about contrasting elements. I basically came up with a set of frequencies that they then recorded pitchperfect for me. Marc and Thomas were so good at hitting the right “notes”. I also really enjoy Abi’s flute playing. While I really dug into the theory during the workshop days, I picked the set of frequency kinda “blindfolded” at home on my own and chose them by what I enjoyed/spoke to me.


while there is a lot that is interesting to just intonation theory, so quickly that or microtonality devolves into weird math nerding or obsession over details almost no average listener will pick up on (same trap as 12 tone music for me in a way), so to me this is the ultimate ‘tuning’ - intuitive

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20 characters of i love it

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