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I agree with you, this sounds absurd, but the title of the paragrap is that it receives commands on midi channel 16. I don’t know if it’s poor phrasing or what but that’s quite odd :confused:

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Right, probably just a mistake in the manual.

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New version of Renoise is out:


A new tool has been designed for further sample manipulation, the SMC Tool by Raul here:

This tool’s got some really handy features that aren’t currently part of Renoise’s repertoire - individual start/end frames with MIDI, LFO, and automation. The same goes for window size and time-stretching.

A lot of these parameters that are now available, I’ve been trying to create Doofers for, and can only get “close”. Or, they simply did not exist for automation purposes before. It’s got a lot of similarities to some Max/MSP standalones (Cconfin and Ultomaton come to mind). So, lots of buzzes, clicks and pops, whirs, etc.

Thanks to Raul on the Renoise forum for taking these points into consideration. These sample manipulation elements are really exciting for those who desire to move into other forms of music. They allow for a greater set of generative sounds to be achieved.


Here’s a video showing a small amount of what can be done with the SMC Tool using only Renoise and LFO automation:

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Renoise 3.3 is out now!

VST3 support and sidechaining.


is there a way to make renoise send current values for all the MIDI mapped parameters back to a controller (for MIDI feedback)?

basically, i want to be able to load a song and then “catch up” to the last values saved with the song instead of parameters jumping to new values when i move a control.