Repairing Guitar Amp Headphone Output

I was plugging my guitar amp headphone output into RIP and for a brief moment audio was being sent via TS cable into the headphone output (because I neglected to plug in a dummy cable to RIPs B channel). Now the left side on my amps headphone output is busted (right side is fine, again it was a TS cable so only the tip was carrying audio).

It’s a cheap 80s solid state amp (dean markley, 20w I believe), but it looks like it’d be a nightmare to open up, not even sure where to begin lol. Is it even worth doing? Does this seem like something repairable or is this likely a replace-the-part situation? I tried googling but it seems like sending audio into one half of the headphone channel is maybe a bit unusual as far as idiotic things to do go :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

(Earlier today I repaired my electric guitar which has been busted for 10 years because I now know that grounding is a thing, so I am slowly learning things. Sorry for asking so many silly DIY questions on here recently but I promise I’m working at improving lol :weary: and am doing independent research as well)

Always check voltages. Are they matching up to your expectations? Check the voltage supplied to the amp circuit (to narrow down between a power supply and actual amp circuit issue). Then go from there: divide and conquer.
(Sorry for being generic, but this is my general approach)
Also set a time limit for yourself. Maybe check only for a weekend and replace the amp if you couldn’t locate the issue.

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Since one side is working you will have some clues to point you in the right direction.

Follow the signal and CAREFULLY check voltages around the side that is working. Stay frosty and be careful with things that plug into the DC mains.

Compare to side that is no good. If it is something small and isolated like a fried op-amp you can replace it for under $1.

Good luck!!

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