Mash up of REPL and Looper/Sequencer (Updated 2022-01-08)


The idea here starts with building a code-analogy to a guitar looper pedal. Start recording, execute commands, and those commands get recorded along a loop timeline. Each row of the grid is one loop (aliased to single-letter variables ‘a’-‘h’). The medium lends itself to further exploration around generating sequences, commands stopping/starting other loops, loop lengths dynamically changing, merging/splitting loops, local ui visualizations, etc.

One of the biggest next-changes is refining the engine, which is currently a mash up of Timber, Molly The Poly, and Goldeneye. The next-gen engine will likely be all of that AND have some loop-level controls for volume, pan, and high/lowpass filter.

I developed this to perform at FlashCrash, which went smashingly and will go even better in February. I put this out to share ideas. The README lists a lot of inspirations and ideas. I’ll record a walk-through soon.

Tech – VueJS, Websockets, Lua, Lattice, Grid, Norns,


Assumes norns+grid and a paired laptop to use the web UI – similar to Maiden. The UI is served from the norns.

Documentation & Download


Under active experimentation as of 2022-01-08. You can follow along and try running through the README at GitHub - awwaiid/repl-looper: Anagogically integrated UI for Norns / Matron / Grid


I made a bunch of updates to the README and setup so it will prooobbbbabbbbllyyyy work for people who are not-me now. Installation should work using


I’ll do a video walk through soon!