Replacing Norns Screen

Hey y’all,

I was wondering if anyone had pointers on swapping out the screen for Norns. The external protector is fine but the screen inside is visibly cracked. It happened during transport so I think something may have been wedged up against it? It wasn’t dropped or slammed but the contents of the bag weren’t totally snug. Lesson learned. It turns on and powers the grid with the last app that was running, but nothing on the screen at all. I’m still hoping that its just the screen.

Anyway, I’ve held a soldering gun maybe twice. This may be out of my reach? I popped the back off and removed the screws on the rear board to get a look but I don’t want to force it off.

Not looking for a comprehensive how-to but any tips would be much appreciated.

Hope y’all are staying safe and sane out there.

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I have swapped my norns screen out for a yellow version, and can say it’s quite easy! No soldering required. Just order the appropriate screen replacement and plug it in.

The screen I used is this one.

The white version is here.


I have a yellow version that i bought by mistake for my fates. Its the one with the ribbon connector, which fates unfortunately does not have.

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@Justmat Thanks so much, this was really helpful.

I was finally able to get the board off the back to get a look. I’ll mention this just because it was something that I struggled with… for any other newbies who might attempt this, make sure you remove the encoders and the encoder nuts and the board will slide right out.

@thopa I had already ordered one but thanks for reaching out. maybe someone will find their way here eventually who could use it


I’m thinking of doing exactly this! Do i need anything else than the screen? I thought it was kind of glued to the unit?


Just the screen! Once you start disassembling your norns it’ll become pretty obvious how to go about it :slight_smile:

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Ok that was actually very easy. looks so nice! :slight_smile:


I thought I had broken the screen in a similar fashion. I ordered a pretty yellow/green replacement, disassembled the norns, and it turns out that (somehow??) it’s just the plastic window that got cracked on the inside. Seems like a far less expensive part, and now I have an extra screen. Whoops/yay!

Is this window a replaceable part? If not, is it fairly safe to use the norns without it in place?

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yes! it’s a custom cut – email and we’ll get you set up :slight_smile:

ehhh – better to protect. even with a microfiber cloth, the screen itself can become marred during direct-contact cleaning.


Thank you so much @dan_derks :heart: Better to be safe for sure.

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