Report: Max 5 Runtime w/ MLRV2 working OK on Linux

Hi guys. First time poster here.

Just took the time to register this info: I have managed to succeed in running MAX 5 Runtime inside Linux, good, stable and clean sound, through wine-rt and wineasio. Just submitted the info to Wine APP DB Database, with procedures and how-to to install wine-rt and register wineasio inside a Linux Ubuntu 16.04 LTS, so as everyone can benefit:

On the hardware side, I am successfully using a Livid OHMRGB Slim, USB plugged into ALSA MIDI / KXStudio patchbay and being fed / recognized by MLRV2 (version 2.5-5 from Parallelogram).

Here’s a screenshot of MLRV2 running with MAX 5 Runtine inside wine-rt from kxstudio repos:

Hope this helps someone trying to run Monome patches on Linux, since it took me some days to do it.



Thanks for this. I actually just asked in another thread if the instructions for Grid / Max setup on Linux were up to date. Sorry I missed this. Have you tried Max 7? Is there a reason you chose 5?

My thread, Grid Linux Instructions up to date?