Reputable Headphones/electronics repair?

The cable going to left ear of my beyerdynamic t51p went bad last week, and I’ve been trying to find a place to have them repaired ever since. However, the internet search results only seem to lead to the shady audiophile recablers that only sell cables over $300. Does anyone here have a reputable repair person? And before you suggest a DIY I really don’t have the space or proper lighting to get the job done right.

Hi, are you sure it’s a bad cable?

I just had a pair of DT990’s give up the ghost with no warning, and after checking continuity between the headphone jack and the driver, it turns out it was the driver that died.

I’d suggest pulling the headphones apart and testing with a multimeter if you can get your hands on one. At least then you’ll know what you’re looking at for repair.

I’m pretty certain it’s the cable. If I fiddle with the cable, I can get sound out, but only if I’m holding it in the exact right place.

Okay, cool.

You might not even need to replace the cable then, just resolder the connector or get a new one put on. $300 seems excessive even for a cable replacement. Where abouts are you looking for repairs?

This one is near the top of my google results for “headphone recalling service”. Others are limited to work on a select number of models.

I think the Beyer’s use a tensel cable that doesn’t allow resoldering, you have to replace the full cable—at least that is what the (sort of sketchy and since shut down) local repair person told me when I had to get mine repaired a few years ago. I believe it was about 60 dollars—the cable was special ordered from beyerdynamics.

That’s a shame. But that doesn’t leave a new cable out of the question I suppose. What was the turnaround time in your case?

It has been a while, but I want to say it was a couple weeks? I would probably email beyerdynamics and see what they say.

Midwestern United States.