Request for beta testers: Crow + Just Friends or W/

I’ve been working on extending i2c support for Just Friends and W/ in the light of crow’s release. I’m still working out the precise commands & workflows and would love some feedback from outside the coding bubble.

If you have crow, and a Just Friends or W/ and some time to experiment / provide feedback, I’d love to hear from you. Teletype support will come later so this is crow specific for now.

If you’re interested, please send me a DM with subject ‘testing’ and which modules you have.


I am new to the modular world (and will be receiving my first rack this week) mainly to get in to the i2c and mannequins family. I plan to update the rack with a crow at the beginning of December, and have a JF and w/. While I will be busy with a new child, I’d be open to providing a ‘newcomers’ perspective on this stuff.

sorry, won’t be able to help with testing, just wanted to say - love using just friends as a sound source, and would love to see i2c control over various additional parameters in synth mode. and maybe even some parameters not currently controllable from the panel.


Ive got 3 x Just friends, 2 x W/, 2 x crow.
Id be interested in trying out some things.
Ive actually been wanting to try some specific W/ crow things but W/ seems to have very limited commands. Is there a play speed/pitch commands yet?


I too have crow and W/ and would be interested in giving now commands a test.

Any update on this firmware? what are the actual features that are being tested right now? :slight_smile: