Request for psychic support

I hope this isn’t too weird or presumptuous…

I’m going into the studio tomorrow on a Berklee faculty recording grant to do two days of improvised music with a brilliant musical friend who I’ve never really played with before other than a few brief jams in a completely different context.

He’s playing piano and I’m doing electronics - eurorack, Ableton and iPad…

I’m excited but also a bit anxious, as my usual role in my band is guitar and the idea with this project was to really get out of my comfort zone… It’s definitely working!

At any rate, I would be massively grateful for any kind of good thoughts over the next few days…

Happy to do the same in return…

Many thanks…


Ps, Mods, I trust I put this in the right place…


Best of luck Ed. We all need psychic support from time to time.

Thank you!!!

Have a lovely weekend!

Hey good luck! As corny as this name drop sounds, I seem to remember a pretty great Will Smith quote along the lines of “nervous is good. it means you’re outside of your comfort zone, where growth happens.” :slightly_smiling_face:

and are you a Berklee faculty? I graduated from there just a few years back!


Thanks, great quote!

And yes, I’m in the Music Business/Management Department, although my personal interests run in the musical direction…

Were you EPD?

MPE and Film Scoring :relaxed:

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I want to thank everyone who responded to my request for good vibes this past weekend. The session was very productive and fun, and I think there will be a nice album in it once I get to dig into the files.

We had a beautiful Steinway grand in an array of great mics, and I was alternately sampling and processing the piano with Ableton or iPad (Samplr or Borderlands) or jamming on the eurorack. There were a lot of surprising cool moments…

You all really helped me feel enveloped in support, which made me feel a nice sense of calm and balance…

Much gratitude!



Looks amazing! Glad to hear it went well, and looking forward to hearing the results.

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Looks amazing and would love to hear the results

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