Request for remixes [You Are Not A Data Scientist Remixes RELEASED!]

updated 10/10

You Are Not A Data Scientist Remixes has been released on Bandcamp! It will be available on streaming services 10/18. Truly amazing work everyone. I hope you enjoy listening to all the different interpretations as much as I did!

Title: You Are Not A Data Scientist Remixes
Release date:: October 18, 2019 (Bandcamp pre-release on 10/10)
Where to find: Bandcamp, Spotify and “most” other streaming platforms

3AM (The Dakota Run remix)
With Flowers (Ethan Hein Ethno Groove remix)
With Flowers (mdh remix)
With Flowers (Mateo Murphy remix)
Parlor (Wavefunk remix)
With Flowers (Twin Figure remix)
Old Saybrook (Twin Figure remix)
You Are Not A Data Scientist (lilienfeld rmx)
You Are Not A Data Scientist (Shapes in Calgary remix)
Lyckland meets Todd Koxton & The Grimm up North (T. Jervell reimagining)
Matryoshka (Vile Masque remix)
I Am A Data Scientist (Jay Hosking reimagining)
Parlor (Eléctrica Nāda remix)

I am 100% fine with all artists using their composition in their own works.

To return the favor, I’ll be putting together a collection of piano/modular sketches and misc samples for use in your own projects and posting in the coming days.

As mentioned, all sales will still be going to Icelandic Environmental Association.

One million thanks. I am thrilled.


Original post

Hi all,
October is the 1 year anniversary of a project I released called You Are Not A Data Scientist. Before switching focus, I’d love to give it a proper viking funeral with a set of reworks/remixes.

If anyone in this fine community is interested…

Stems I have stems for all tracks on the original release – you can download them here

Exchange In exchange for contributing a remix I’ll either 1) remix a piece of yours 2) send you an original set of piano/synth/field sample/etc noodling for using in your own works or 3) you propose something, I’ll probably be game. Feel free to also release them on your own works if you’d like.

Release I’ll be compiling all remixes as “You Are Not A Data Scientist (Reworked)” and making available to stream – crediting the remixers if you’re ok with it. I don’t quite have the following to generate any revenue but, similar to the original release, I’ll pass on any income to the Icelandic Environmental Association as my time in Iceland inspired much of the original works.

I’m hoping to have everything wrapped by Sunday September 22. If you’re interested either post here or DM me.


Edit: do you have your tracks someplace other than spotify?

This is a really neat idea, i’m willing to give this a go, and hopefully you appreciate my approach.

Do you have any strong feelings regarding how severe, intrusive, radical you mind the remixes being?

I’ll give your tracks a thorough listen and contact you directly if I decide to commit.

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Thanks @_VM I sincerely appreciate the interest.

In addition to Spotify, I’ve just recently started using bandcamp. I’ve explored doing a very small run of vinyl or cassette, but nothing yet.

As far as the direction of the remixes – definitely feel free to have full creative control.

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beautiful work, @lyckland
i am swamped with work, so no promises, but i will download the stems, listen closely, and see if i can still come up with something until your deadline.

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@myecholalia – thank you thank you for the kind words.

I really like this @lyckland!
Especially Parlor and Old Saybrook are beautiful.

I’ll give it a try tonight or tomorrow and see if I can come up with anything :slight_smile:

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Wow, this is great. Beautiful textures for tinkering and remixing! I’d be willing to give it a shot, with the same caveat as myecholalia, above (the new school year just started). I think I’d be keen on your exchange #2 (or just the use of these samples), as I’d love to use these kinds of sounds in my own work. I normally post all my work to YouTube, though, since I perform everything live on hardware (I’m thinking of using your stems on the Octatrack); is that OK?

And thanks for the Bandcamp page! I don’t use Spotify.


Lovely music and a great idea. I’m so interested that I’ve already done a remix of one your tracks - with flowers. I’ll DM you the remix :slight_smile:

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I’ll try my hardest to do one in the next week - but it’s a busy time ahead, so can’t promise to get it done.

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I wish I had time for this. This is a great album !

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Thank you for the kind words and absolutely fine by me! Looking forward to hearing your take. Especially with the Octatrack in play…

A quick update to express my appreciation for the incredible response. The tracks I’ve heard are beautiful and go far beyond what I imagined for this project.

For those that are hoping to contribute but have the pressures of the real world, happy to flex the date to include you on the release. I included one because I personally need the constraints of a date, but would rather hear your incredible submissions than miss out because of a deadline.

For those that hit the 9/22 date, assume I’ll double the trade compensation (x2 remixes, x2 samples, etc)

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Can you give us a rolling update on the tracks that have already been remixed? I’d rather do one that 10 people haven’t submitted already. It’s not the only factor in deciding which one to go with, bit it’s relevant. Thanks!


Nice work!! I’ll give it a shot, but not entirely sure I’ll make it on time…

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Just listening to the EP now. Very nice work. I’m going to give a remix a go if that’s OK? Not sure of timescales, but I’ll do my best!

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I love that you’re donating any profits to the Iceland environmental association. Many of us don’t make a living from music, but the long tail of many doing this could add up to something significant :slight_smile:


I’d like to take a swing at With Flowers.

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Very nice music! I’m up for a remix as well, the 22nd should be fine

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Just listened to the EP - very very nice! Would love to get involved but I already have too many projects on the go :worried:

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Came together really fast actually

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