Request for remixes [You Are Not A Data Scientist Remixes RELEASED!]

I’ll keep the top post updated with the remixes received so far in case anyone wants to focus on specific tracks. Multiples of the same track are completely fine by me, so no worries if anyone wants to remix a track that already has been worked on.

Great percussion on this one – sounds amazing!

Im headed out of the country tomorrow, but Ill do my best to put together a remix during my trip. Hopefully I can have it done by the 22nd!

Also, I really enjoy the album and the opportunity to try my hand at a remix.

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Thanks so much!
Enjoy the trip and get some of that plane cabin white noise in the mix!!

Just PM’d you our take on a sort of remix. Hope it is to your liking.

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I know I may sound like a broken record, but it’s been incredible to hear all of the work coming out of this. Listening to fresh interpretations of pieces that I was so close to last year is a first for me and I just want to voice my appreciation again. Looking forward to returning the favor.


Just writing again to check what deadline you’re thinking of for people who want to do a track but can’t make the 22nd?

My main goal is to have it released on 10/7 to align with the anniversary, and I usually like to plan 2 weeks lead time for the streaming service submission process.

If there are people who are working on a track but have conflicts that will push it beyond 9/22, ill treat it on a case by case basis – just either post here or private message me so I can get a sense of your timing.

Stay tuned for art and updated track submissions.
You all are good.
You all are VERY good.

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Just finished my remix of Matryoshka. DM’d you.

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Just going to make the deadline. Bouncing the audio now, and will send it along to you @lyckland. Video will be up tonight or tomorrow, too, and I’ll post it here.

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Looking forward to hearing it.

Hah, you might want to hear it first! It’s a real reimagining of the song (Data Scientist).

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Hey, I need to make a minor but important change to the mix I sent you, but the earliest I can send it through is the 23rd. It’s a small but important change for headphone listeners :wink: Hope that’s OK.

Also could you please update the OP credits line to read Matryoshka - Vile Masque remix


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I’ve been playing around with remixes and having a great time, but have come up with nothing that I think is more interesting than the originals.

So, yeah, just dropping in to say: really nice pieces. :slight_smile:


Here’s my remix of data scientist in video form, if you’re the type who likes to see how the sausage is made (I am). Thanks for such an amazing opportunity, @lyckland!


I’ve edited the initial post with the release update.

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Amazing! Can’t wait to hear it.

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Decided to release early on Bandcamp. Details in original post!!


Awesome. Purchased and downloading now!

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Ah, one thing I forgot to ask!

For those with a piece on the album*, can you let me know if there is a link to your other work that you want me to include in your Bandcamp track credits?

*everyone who submitted work is on the album. While I’m all about inclusivity, the truth of the matter is every single piece you all did was ridiculously great.