Request: Help booking Upper Midwest shows 06/01 - 06/04

Hello all.

I’m trying to plan some shows in the Upper Midwest of the US on a couple dates between Thursday 06/01 to Sunday 06/04. I live in Minneapolis MN, and I currently have a show booked in Columbus OH for Friday 06/02.

I am reaching out to see if anybody might be able to offer some help in booking some shows between Minneapolis and Ohio on the following dates and in the following states:

06/01 - ???
06/02 - Columbus Ohio
06/03 - ???
06/04 - ???



If you’re interesting in playing a show together and helping set it up, or if you have any contacts along this route that you want to share I’d greatly appreciate it.

My music generally falls somewhere along the spectrum of drone, ambient and noise music, and in performance I strive to deliver an enveloping experience utilizing various hardware synthesis methods. Please see my website for more information, for work examples, and for an artist bio.


I will talk to some of my Iowa friends and see what is happening currently in Des Moines. I know there are 2-3 bars that will book “weird” stuff… be forewarned attendance is very hit or miss and you may deal with confused regulars. That could be your 6/01.

I’m currently in Louisville KY, and we semi-regularly have things going on, it’s calmed down seemingly recently but I can see what’s possible. If you wanted to head here after Columbus, before whatever you set up on 6/04?



Great, thanks!

And thanks for this also, but Columbus is kind of my end point and I’m hoping to be getting closer to Mpls on the next few days rather than further away.

Have you had any luck in reaching out to your Iowa friends?

My friend Chuck is working on it, it’s likely going to be at a bar called The Fremont, I have played there many times, mixed crowd but a fun old punk bar. I have seen that place “packed”, but also have played only to other bands playing.
Unfortunately because of a particular idiot with a circuit-bent toy gun, “noise” is banned from most of the good venues in Des Moines.

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