Resources for learning Logic Pro x

Hey guys,

The last six months I’ve worked as an assistant for a music producer in a handful of different studios. I’ve picked up a lot of Logic tricks that have greatly helped move my work forward. I’m wondering if anyone else here has a particular podcaster that they follow, or another kind of resource that helps them learn logic a trick at a time.

Never really got into logic, but regardless ADSR has been doing a series of logic tutorials

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Working with Logic is pretty visual, so I find most tutorials (outside of ADSR, which is great) can be found on YouTube.

I would recommend leaving it on ‘basic mode’ until you get the hang of it and then turn on ‘advanced mode’ later. The Apple Pro Training series of books are pretty good if you want a tutorial - very structured. Besides that, don’t underestimate the plugins that come with it - you can do so much with the built in stuff. Also, if you want tips/tricks, Sound On Sound has a bunch of old articles that you might find interesting.

Some Logic learning resources would have been a big help for me this past weekend. A lot has changed since version VI and I had to ask Google how to do all kinds of things that function differently now.

As most studios cater to outside clients, I’m surprised you didn’t get stuck working solely on Pro Tools.

With no use for 90% of what a DAW like Logic can do, I started looking around at other DAW’s (Reaper, Studio One, etc.) to see if I could find something that was just a glorified tape machine with a patch bay. No luck, so back to Logic I went and once some things were relearned, it worked quite well. Still, I wish something simpler that made better use of screen real estate was available.

Any recommendations? Has anyone used Harrison Mix Bus?

I think Reaper is actually pretty good for that if you’re willing to spend a little time customizing. You can make the UI look like pretty much anything you want.

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I learnt it by sitting next to Andy, a co-producer on a couple of projects I’ve taken part in, and making some notes. There are so many ways of working that without a practical application it’s hard for me to remember shortcuts.

That said, a lot of logic “tricks” are about workflow and speediness of results. I’m very lucky to work on projects that don’t need me to be the “quickest” producer, I know enough to get Logic using my recordings and plugins to sound excellent, but for “quick” work people should hire a sound tech, not a producer.

Reports are that Rick Rubin doesn’t ever do the technical side of things, he just listens. That’s the kind of producer I want to be!

Getting a bit off track here, but i use Mixbus everyday since version 2.5.
I find it great for what i do (short spots and long radio programs, so lots of editing; i also use it for “tape” music). Maybe another topic or PM would be the place for continuing this discussion.

Thank you, I’ll read up on the program more, now that I know it has some fans here. For me, the most helpful feature I’ve discovered in Logic Pro X has been the ability to control its functions from an iOS app. Boy that touch screen interface makes things easier.

The best free learning source for the program I’ve found is this guy here:

These instructional videos may be a bit more basic than what people here need, but the one I watched about adding hardware inserts was done very well, I thought.