Restroy - sketches

(Art by Tim Nickodemus)
I am releasing a record a new record, sketches, with ears&eyes Records this Friday, 9/25. I love this music and am super happy to get to share it.

The music is electro-acoustic inspired creative music. I am lucky to work with some incredible musicians on this project. The line-up is:
Avreeayl Ra - drums
James Davis - trumpet, ring modulator
Kevin Davis - cello, big muff, ring modulator
Paul Giallorenzo - synthesizers, piano
Mabel Kwan - piano, synthesizers, clavichord
and myself - bass, synthesizer

All of these compositions were born on my modular rig and then we workshopped the material as a group for years. I am super happy with how it came out. We did some minimal overdubs but the majority of the record was done entirely live. Avreeayl’s time feel is unreal and there is some real magic about having 6 people in a room listening and playing together that I think we captured.

The record is digital only and will be pay-what-you-can after it is released Friday. To celebrate the release we will be streaming in-studio footage from our recording session via the Hideout Online shot and edited by Jacob Hand. The music was record, mixed and mastered by Nick Broste.


Some studio videos from the sessions:

wholly moly I miss playing with people.

absolutely amazing. the bass+trumpet+drums are an incredible jazz combo alone. the added piano/synthesizers are such inspiring additions making for really fresh/modern sounds. LOVE it.


Thank you for taking the time to check it out. I appreciate it. I’ve been trying to marry my interests in improvised music with my love for electronic music a long time & I think I’m getting somewhere interesting with it all.