resuscitating an unresponsive grid

Hi folks. I am very happy to have recently acquired a new grid direct from monome. I had a two lovely sessions using it with a norns shield, and last night I plugged my grid into my ansible. LEDs twinkled across it as it recieved power, but after that it went blank and since then it has been unresponsive and unlit under a variety of different power options. Norns no longer sees nor powers it. My computer doesn’t see it (running linux, eg with lsusb or usb-devices), unplugging/replugging it into ansible, rebooting the modular and again plugging it into ansible, and trying to power the grid directly off a usb adapter plugged into an outlet all yield nothing. Any suggestions/tips/tricks to bringing it back to life? I’ve emailed monome, and I’m sure they will get back to me, but I figured I’d ask the larger brain collective too.


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just to close the public loop, followed up via email :slight_smile:


that you did, and quite quickly too.