Retrieve serialosc in max 7 "folder"

how do i choose the new (embedded in max 7) version of serialosc ?
When i go to the bpatcher’s inspector, the Max 7 app is greyed out and i cannot display the contents.
Thanks !

do you get any messages in the max window?

in max 7 create a [serialosc] object. now hover your cursor over the left edge of the object and click on the popup arrow. choose transform -> patcher to bpatcher.

Yes that’s the one. The serialosc bpatcher is included as part of @stretta’s BEAP package.

The only thing you need to ‘choose’ it, is delete any others in your search path / the current patch’s folder.

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Not in front of my computer but it’s loading the zeroconf version.

Thanks a lot ! i didn’t know that.