Retrieved audio from 20 year old zip discs and DAT, "The Apartment" (A Recovered Memory of Chicago, 1996)

Hi, all: Rather interesting release here, just for the process involved.

Maybe this has happened to you with digital recording:

I wrote a spoken word piece and recorded it in 2003. This was during a prolific period where I started more ideas than completed, and “The Apartment” was one of those unfinished ideas. It’s a real story about a landlord I had who did some seriously unusual things. I returned to the idea of this story a few times, and then in 2010 I decided to find the audio I recorded, only to find it was on DAT, or digital audio tape (the one format I doubt will ever be revived) — in humor, my backup was on zip disc.

So both digital versions were unretrievable. In 2015 I went through the trouble to retrieve all the data off my zip discs and the vocals for “The Apartment” were there, along with a bunch of started music.

In 2019 I finally finished the recording, and mastered it this year. As a finished project that had been unfinished, I’m very pleased with it. Just put it on Bandcamp this morning:


This stuff is so great, and not merely for the Chicago content (I’ve lived there twice). I’m your newest fan!

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How cool. Something to occupy a bit of the space left by Joe Frank.


@niall and @bran — What kind comments, thank you both!

Regards on Chicago familiarity (twice is a lot!) and that’s oddly the second Joe Frank comment I’ve gotten this week. Ha, I’ll take that challenge. Gunning for Art Bell, too, partly.

Thanks very much.

Can’t go wrong with Joe Frank, Chris Morris, Victor Lewis Smith, Simon Munnery, et al, but I hear a kinship with some of my current favorites, especially the Here Be Monsters podcast.

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Rock n roll - Writing this all down, not familiar with any of those other names. Checking out Hear Be Monsters right now - Thanks, friend!