Return of the mac (mini)

Anybody else here happy to see them finally update the mac mini? Wondering if the extra cost for the i7 version is worth it…


I had the 2012 i7 model which was one of the best computers that I’ve owned, so I’ll be keeping an interested eye on this (provided exchange rates & Brexit don’t render it completely unaffordable in the UK…)

Also exciting today: iPad Pros now have USB-C


Indeed, the iPad Pro definitely lives up to its name now. Audio and video I/O is going to be a lot simpler


I use my 2012 mac mini, which allows for the addition of extra ram by unscrewing the bottom and clipping more in. I hate that they got rid of this feature, but happy to see they brought it back to some extent in the new version. Idk if it’s enough to justify the $300 increase though…can’t even imagine how much 64 gb ram will cost…

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and for those unaware, AMD Radeon Pro Vega 16 or 20 will be available for MBP end of next month (and the new iPad Pro doesn’t have an headphone jack output :smile:)

the macbook i primarily use for music is getting pretty old so one of these seem like a potentially good solution for a studio computer.

Yes, I’m now thinking of replacing my Windows desktop with a dual-boot Mac Mini. Having Thunderbolt 3 means that it’s viable to use external SSDs as storage, so I don’t need to spend their (frankly horrible) storage upgrade prices.


The RAM looks user upgradable as well, so I think the only thing I’ll upgrade right off the bat is the CPU.


the new pricing is really insane to me, but I love having an even slightly modern MacOS computer in that form factor again

yeah, get third party ram and save a LOT.

Also buying refurbished is a great way to save as well. It can just take a while to get the config you want if it’s not stock

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I was really excited for this but i3 and 8gb of ram stock in a 2018 desktop? Sure, you can upgrade but I expected the market for this to warrant higher specs in the base model.

Finally the studio machine I want!

yup, ditto, after adding the needed upgrades i’d want it’s nearly €2k and you still need keyboard/mouse/screen, at that stage for me I’m still better off getting a macbook pro.
Maybe save a few quid with third party ram & external SSD’s but I don’t want more “stuff”

Also a possible note for audio, the power input is ungrounded, not sure if this could cause any ground loop issues with some sound cards and the like… I’m surprised it’s not grounded tbh.

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Exactly. I’m shopping for a new studio computer, and I figured that the new Mac Mini would work well, but after the upgrades (and a display), the recent iMac appears more attractive (with 5k display and better graphics).

Out of curiousity, I specced out the equivalent machines in both product lines (i7, 16gb ram, 256gb ssd) in CAD:

mac mini $1,879.00
21" imac $2,579.00
27" imac $3,369.00

The imacs have better graphics, but the mini has a 6 core processor, so unless you really want 5k the mini seems like a better deal to me


Oh and macbook pro prices:

13" macbook pro $2,999.00
15" macbook pro $3,199.00

Unlike the imacs, the 15" also has a 8th gen 6 core processor, but it’s clocked a 2.2 vs 3.2 Ghz. The mini still compares very favorably unless you need the portability

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I asked Apple about that in a support chat and they said the RAM is NOT user upgradable, unless you are willing to void your warranty and solder it in there. They explicitly stated only the Mac Pro and iMacs were upgradable. I wanted a Mini so I could run a 40" tv from it in my studio, but since Apple charges ridiculous prices for RAM, I’ll just have to get an iMac and mount the tv higher so I can use both screens. Or I’m seriously considering switching away from Apple at this point. Their price gauging on RAM is just downright immoral.

I’ve been hearing conflicting info on ram. Many sites were claiming it is upgradable and uses normal laptop ram. I suppose we will have to wait till we get a tear down. Fingers crossed.

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