Return of the mac (mini)


I asked Apple about that in a support chat and they said the RAM is NOT user upgradable, unless you are willing to void your warranty and solder it in there. They explicitly stated only the Mac Pro and iMacs were upgradable. I wanted a Mini so I could run a 40" tv from it in my studio, but since Apple charges ridiculous prices for RAM, I’ll just have to get an iMac and mount the tv higher so I can use both screens. Or I’m seriously considering switching away from Apple at this point. Their price gauging on RAM is just downright immoral.


I’ve been hearing conflicting info on ram. Many sites were claiming it is upgradable and uses normal laptop ram. I suppose we will have to wait till we get a tear down. Fingers crossed.


Lol I remember thinking this in like 2003. Some things never change.


Now spec out a 27" iMac with user upgraded RAM compared to Apple eye-gouge RAM in the Mini…


I only trust vendors on issues of upgrades and licensing, and Apple says you void your warranty if you attempt a RAM upgrade on a Mini. The iMac remains easily upgradeable, and you can get a 32mb card for like $200. So configuring an 8mb and upgrading yourself you can save like $600 or more.

Thanks for contacting Apple Chat! My name is William, and I’ll be your specialist today.

Alright, so a quick clearup.

You can’t upgrade the RAM in the Mac mini, as it’s soldered onto the actual mother board.

You can only select it at the start. TECHNICALLY you can upgrade it if you’re handy with a solder gun, but you’ll void all warranty.

The only computers you can upgrade the ram in would be the 27” iMac and the Mac Pro


this is completely incorrect. the 2018 mini does have upgradeable slotted ram:

…and anywhere else on the web.

numerous apple employees, from managers to CSRs, have confirmed that that the 2018 mini uses standard slotted sodimm ddr4. (see the picture below.) it’s a little trickier to get into than the 2012 mini’s easy-open cover, hence why all the apple employees have stated they’d prefer that 2018 DIY upgraders are either authorized service centers or knowledgeable end-users. but it’s completely doable. the only mini that has soldered ram is the 2014.


I’m formerly a professional Apple slot jockey and let me tell you, the other lads and I used to compete as to how much we marked up HD and RAM upgrades before the user bailed. University students don’t flinch, I learned.

When you buy from Apple you’re getting screwed, but you’re getting screwed by Apple not a semi-employed musician with a drug problem who might also be sneering at you.


the only mini that has soldered ram is the 2014.

Maybe this is where the confusion lies? That the Apple support was actually still talking about the old model?


Yeah, definitely not soldered. With the fan in place, though, it looks like things might be very tight.

The Apple price for 16 GB isn’t too bad but it gets nuts after that. And the SSD prices are crazy, but easy enough to add external storage.

I’m tempted.


The Apple rep stated 2 things:

1.) It voids your warranty
2.) It’s soldered on so you would need to solder in your own new RAM

Are you stating that BOTH of these things are incorrect? Because even if it’s true you can upgrade your RAM without a soldering iron, I would want it in writing from Apple that it doesn’t void the warranty before I do it, and as of this moment, all I have in writing from Apple is that it will void the warranty.


#1 is unknown at this point, I think, but should soon be clarified. #2 is known: the RAM is socketed, not soldered. The SSD is soldered.


Ok well go ahead and try it out and let us know what happens.


you can upgrade the RAM, you can’t upgrade the SSD

would it void the warranty? I don’t know. I could also depend on where you live, US and Europe have different consumer protection laws.


I asked them in chat again, and pressed for more detail this time. It is possible, but it voids your warranty unless you have an authorized Apple technician do it, and I doubt that has anything to do with what country you live in. The issue appears to be that they don’t want to be liable for damage you do during the install, which seems like a copout so they can gouge you on their own RAM, but it is what it is.

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I chatted with you guys a week ago and asked a question, and I think I got an incorrect answer

I want to know if the new model Mac mini has user-upgradeable RAM

OK, let me just clarify. Do you need support for a Mac you already own, are you checking on a recent order, or are you looking to purchase a Mac?

I am trying to decide if I want to buy the new Mac mini or not

Hello there! Nice to meet you here online. Welcome to Apple. My name is Ronniel.

I can see your inquiry about Mac mini and I’ll be happy to answer your questions about especially regarding upgrade.

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I am very busy and just need the answer

Oh sure thing!

Regarding upgrading the Mac RAM, yes it is possible but it can only be done with one of our teams in the Apple Authorized Service Provider.

Ok so the user cannot do it themselves?

We really don’t recommend that, as we suggest to do it with our Apple Authorized Service Provider.

But again, you can definitely upgrade the RAM of the new Mac mini after purchase.

Does it void the warranty if the user does it themselves?


Our warranty doesn’t cover damage caused by accidents or unauthorized modifications such that. So we really don’t recommend doing it by the user themselves.

Why is it an unauthorized modification to add more RAM? This is a very easy procedure that thousands of people have done on their own computers without problem.

That’s a good point! And I’m thinking of that already. I really don’t know the answer to that one but now I’m curious myself. Do you mind if I take a few minutes to research and get us an answer for that?

Yes please

I really appreciate your patience about this, and I also want you to get an accurate information, and upon consulting, it may cause unauthorised modification as only the Apple certified technicians in the Apple Stores are allowed to do that. They are specifically the one trained on how to upgrade the RAM for this specific Mac model as doing it may cause into damage.

So again, we really don’t recommend upgrading the RAM for this Mac mini by ourselves. We still suggest to do it with one of our Apple Certified Technicians at our Apple Authorized Service Providers.


What a predictably inadequate response from Apple support. How far they have come from selling kit computers


Looking at the instructions I can see why they may claim it voids your warranty, as it’s clearly not designed to be easily replaced by the end user. Still, if you’re interested in maxing out the memory it’ll be cheaper to get a apple certified tech to do it than paying apple’s premium.


Buuuut. If you want Apple to put it in, you probably have to buy the ram from Apple as well.


There are many 3rd party repair shops with Apple certified techs


Yes, I wanted to say that exact thing in the chat, but it would just be pissing in the wind.


I’m a little wary of this, but I assume that if I show up with an appointment and RAM in hand, I’m scary enough to make them do it. ;D